• Social Media: Becoming a Online Rockstar

  • Setting-Up Google Social Network: Be the Modern Day George Jefferson

    Tweet In this post, I will walk you through the exact steps to setting up and starting to use the Google Social Network to grow your very own, highly interactive social community. My two youngest children started Kindergarten and Pre-K last
    • Facebook Marketing: Welcome to the Jungle

      there are about 900 MILLION Facebook Users, and the average user is connected to about 80 (that’s Eight-Zero!) Pages, Events and Groups. That’s a lot of pages for one user. So make yours stand tall above the crowd. “How do I

      By Misha On Sep 06, 2010

    • Facebook Marketing: How-to Make Money with the Performance Ad!

      Tweet So in my last post which you can find here in the Facebook: Miracle, Mystery & Mastery article.  I listed the different types of advertising possibilities available to you on Facebook. I want to start with the first type of Ad, the Performance

      By Misha On Sep 01, 2010

    • Web 2.0: The Newbies Guide to Social Media

      Tweet Web 2.0 Up Close and Personal Imagine a popularity contest that stretches across the globe, socializing without boundaries, unlimited treasure troves of information, and a place where every second – unlikely individuals become kings and queens of their own domains. Thanks to

      By Misha On Sep 01, 2010