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Glass.net Windshield Replacement Quotes Site-wide Conversion Optimization Results

Tweet What if you could take the current amount of traffic you’re getting to your website or ads, and double or even triple the amount of money you make…without having to pay for additional traffic? That’s the power of Conversion – increasing the amount of visitors that turn into leads, and leads that turn into […]

Why Write Your Memoir?

Tweet This is a guest post from one of our senior editors, Cindy T. –   I’m a grandmother now, my parents having long ago left this life. With my brother gone too, I’m left alone with memories of growing up, of my life with my family. Long gone are the stories my dad used to tell […]

How to Find, Research and Rent a Profitable Email List

Tweet EMAIL MARKETING How to Find, Research and Rent a Profitable Email List   One of our clients recently asked us if email marketing really works, and if so, how to go about finding the perfect email list. Here’s what we said… Email marketing is a powerful way to get the word out on what […]

The Million-Dollar Shiver – Using Simple Body Sensations to Predict the Success or Failure of a Business

Tweet The Secret of the Million-Dollar Shiver! How I Use Simple Body Sensations toPredict the Success or Failure of a Business   Where do Million Dollar ideas come from? Have you ever wondered why some business ideas seem to ignite and take off like a poodle on meth… While other business ideas start out still-born, dead […]

Why Ignorant People Make More Money – Breaking the Curse of the Tinkerer

Tweet Why Ignorant People Make More Money “Breaking the Curse of the Tinkerer” Ever since I was a little boy watching my Dad and my Godfather working hard to build their respective empires, I’ve always wanted to have a successful business of my own. So, following my passion for business and spiritual growth, in my late […]

Headlines That Move You: The Art of Creating the Great Escape of Headlines

Writing a great copy that people will want to read consists of creating a Headline that appeals to your market’s needs, wants and desires. In this article I show you how to create that great headline that will get you noticed!

Business Wizardry: How Harry Potter Can Boost Your Business

Like the rest of the world, I am anticipating the release of the last of the Harry Potter films. Feels like saying goodbye, but in a good way, like when you graduate college.

I started thinking about what was it that made Harry Potter so successful, and how those same principals could be applied to any business model, regardless of the magic that is your product or service.

Organic Link Building: Build Your Presence the All-Natural, No Preservatives Way

Tweet I’m sitting here listening to pounding beats of Goldfrapp’s “Crystalline Green”, and thinking about link building.  There are tons of  ways to build your presence on the Internet, but link building being the most dominant and frankly, one of the most important.  But doing it the organic way is highly underrated. We love organic, […]

Blog Commenting: Methods for Gaining Mondo Traffic

…How are you going to increase traffic flow to your original thoughts, ideas, and musings? You’ve got a blog, great, make it interesting, a cut above. Comment on other blogs, but be original, don’t brown-nose or leave random, insipid remarks that have nothing to do with the post….

From Mediocrity to Greatness: Belief

Tweet What makes the difference between Mediocrity and Greatness? If there is a single defining trait, one rare aspect about a man or a woman that is a sure sign of, what appears to outsiders, to be almost predestined success on a grand scale… What would it be? This is a question that can never […]