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Blog Commenting: Methods for Gaining Mondo Traffic

“….It’s been a long time since I’ve got you on my mind…” Bob Marley is telling me to ‘Stir It Up’, but how much should I be stirring it up when it comes to commenting on blogs in order to gain more traffic on my own blog?


Curiosity Killed the Cat, or in this Case…Your Blog



Blog Killing

Curiosity Killed the Cat.....er.....Blog



Some people do this – they run like mad through blogs to try to be one of the first commenters on a blog post.  And generally their comments have absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic discussed in the post.

This might get you a few curiosity clicks, but you know that old adage ‘curiosity killed the cat’, well there’s a reason those sayings still exist…because they are true.  Curiosity is a great thing when utilized properly. However, curiosity will soon die, especially if the content of your blog is, well…to be blunt…mundane and idiotic.

Leaving comments that aren’t relative to the post is a total no-no.  It’s not just rude, it makes you look like an idiot who’s only trying to get clicks to your own blog.  It reeks of ego-maniacal tendencies, and more likely than not, you aren’t going to get much traffic as it shows most readers that your own blog is probably going to be nothing more than online diarrhea – irrelevant spewings that are a total waste of their time!

In order to keep traffic flowing and gain more followers, you need to have a blog that’s worth reading; in other words, have consistently good posts full of interesting and on-topic, useful and valuable information (not the same rehashed dribble they can find on a bazillion other blogs all over the net).  This is what will keep people coming back for more.


Stirring It Up:  Comment-Generated Traffic






So now we’ve established that having good content is the most important thing in the blogging world, and that without it, all the traffic in the world isn’t going to save that ‘dying kitty’. But what’s the point? Why even bother to take the time to create and publish great works of intelligence and value?

Because the secret, the ‘holy grail’ of blog commenting, is to build relationships…..


Comment on blogs that are in the same niche as your blog.  For example…if you have a blog on fashion design, find other blogs that deal with clothing, whether it be the designing, fabrication, fashion faux-paus, marketing or selling of clothing.

It’s called networking, and that builds relationships.  When you comment on a blog, you’re main reason for doing it (besides spreading great info) is to build relationships with bloggers and other social media users – especially the influential ones.  Gaining re-tweets, bookmarks, links, etc., is how your content is spread.  Getting these things is what gets you that much coveted traffic (and at no cost to you – except your investment of time).

Commenting on posts helps you get the gears going.  Leaving a good comment, or getting one, can jump start a new topic.  If done correctly, the comment sections are almost like a forum, or in the best cases, a community of like-minds.  Other bloggers can get great ideas for new posts from comments and spread the word on important topics.  (Great minds think alike).

If you look at your own, and other’s blogs, you will notice that 99.9% of commenters on the blog have their very own blog.  Who’da thunk it???  They know how the blogging world works, so they generally take the time to leave a comment, especially if the post was interesting or useful to them.


Race for firstThe Race for First:  Being First & Fab

It’s rare, but it does happen that the first few commenters may have some great feedback; but you don’t have to always try to be the first commenter all the time.

If you have something meaningful to add to a blog post in your comment – leave it. If it’s exquisitely well-thought out and relevant, it will gain traffic no matter where it is in the comment section.

And no brown-nosing please…as most of us can see the proverbial B.S. a mile a way on a foggy day!  Leave comments that are relative to the post and are intelligently stated. Sometimes controversial comments can stir up a stagnant thread – as long as you respectfully state your thoughts (no attacking – it will only backfire!) and have solid facts to back it up.  Either way, by commenting something that’s intelligent and thought-provoking, you can build a network that gains you traffic, followers, and occasionally, friends – as well as adding some value of your own to the mix.

Before leaving a comment, ask yourself, “is this comment relative to the topic; does it add anything to the post?”  If the answer is ‘No, not really’ – don’t bother leaving it.

Most bloggers hate it when they get “stupid comments” such as a comment stating ‘nice post’, or some trivial nothing that has added nothing for anyone to think about.  How are you supposed to have a ‘conversation’ with someone who only says “LOL”?

It’s a bit time consuming, but as my daddy taught me, “always take your time and do it right the first time”.

What it comes down to is this – don’t be so focused on your traffic.  If all you do is focus on how many people are following you, you won’t have the focus you need to produce quality posts that are going to bring in followers who will actively read, comment, recommend or reference your blog, which is what will gain you traffic, re-tweets, bookmarks, etc.

So what are your thoughts, did I hit the mark, miss it, come close?  Let me hear some feedback from you other bloggers out there.

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