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An Overview of the Powerful Services 
We Offer to Relieve your Stress 
and Exponentially Grow your Business:



Eliseon’s “Golden Thread®” Insane Rankings 
SEO Service

Here’s a story about how a drunk Russian, glass of red wine and a red-eye flight to Prague lead to a new revolutionary and proprietary method of SEO that gets astonishing results, while getting lots of love from Google and your search audience…

It’s the secret behind how we get sites (for doctors, senators, celebrities, fashion, photography, commerce and more) charged up and taking over the organic results and staying there for the long haul. It’s how we took one new software site from nothing to bringing in over $800,000 its first year online!

Let us work our magic on your site so you can experience breakthroughs you never thought were possible.

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*We also offer specialized strategic marketing  programs in:

  • Facebook & Social Media
  • Google Places & Local Search
  • Mobile Search & SMS Marketing

So how can we help you dominate your market, today?



Eliseon’s “Instant Expert” Book Writing Service

Everyone has a story to tell, a message to share, a legacy to pass on. Let a best-selling author (and editor of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”), ghostwrite a memorable and powerful book for you – in your own voice and personality – on any topic or message.

Tell a story, leave a legacy, motivate, inspire, educate or empower… without having to write a single word.

Even if you can barely write a grocery list, with our help and expertise, you can potentially be a best-selling author in a matter of months. Gain almost instant credibility, influence, status, recognition, build a new stream of income and reach out to potential new clients with your very own book….without ever having to pick up a pen.

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Eliseon’s “All Star” Direct Response 
Copywriting Service

His sales letters have literally made Millions of dollars for the lucky few who get a chance to hire him. Our powerful copywriting Wizard has written for Agora Publishing, major supplement makers, infomercial products, Tom Hopkins, Internet Marketing gurus such as Mike Filsaime, Brad Callen, Keith Baxter, Jack Humphrey, Tom Bell and small-time entrepreneurs with dreams as big as Texas.

He’s perfected a signature brand of copywriting called “Psychologically-Enhanced Copywriting™”, employing powerful, synergistic and closely-guarded sales psychology techniques. Let him work his magic on your copy and experience results you never thought were possible.

Priced so that almost any business owner can afford and take advantage of his genius!

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Eliseon’s “Info-Product” Creation Service

All the gurus and authority figures seem to have an info-product on the market…you want one, too, but you just don’t have the time, energy or contacts to do it the right way. Having your very own info-product can revive your business and infuse it with new life and help bring in great clients who share your vision and passion.

It can also bring you to a new authority level in your field and add a huge and valuable new stream of income. It can give them the edge you need to finally reach your goals and dreams, while giving back to others in the way you’re best at.

But creating one by yourself can be overwhelming, time-consuming and very stressful. Our team of creative and talented pros can create a powerful and exciting info product for you, from start to finish, while you sit back and get ready to reach the next level!

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Eliseon’s “Signature VIP” Marketing PDF 
Creation Service

Wow! The feedback we’ve received on our revolutionary style of marketing and presentation PDFs has been astounding. If you have read our Tales of Power and Product Launch Judgment Day PDFs, then you have had first-hand experience in how we weave stories, images and insane production value into a stunningly beautiful and memorable marketing and presentation piece.

Tell your story, spread an urgent message, launch a product or service, use as an upsell or light a fire and go viral – experience its power for yourself and see what amazing new heights it will bring you to.

Download our TALES OF POWER Signature Marketing PDF Here

Download our PRODUCT LAUNCH JUDGMENT DAY Signature Marketing PDF here

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Eliseon’s “VIP High Influence” Content/Article 
Creation Service

The problem with most content is that it’s usually just a not-so-cleverly disguised sales pitch about a product or service. It offers no inherent value. No education. No inspiration or empowerment. No real solution.

While a sales pitch definitely has it’s place (i.e. Direct Marketing Copywriting like a Sales Letter or Sales Video), this is not what will draw in your audience. It’s not how they will remember you. And it’s not what creates mass craving and customer loyalty in your followers.

What they really want is to know what those products or services can do for them – how it can change their lives, solve their problems, free up time, relieve their stress, answer their most haunting questions and ultimately, how it will help improve their lives…help them evolve into better and happier people.

This type of compelling and engaging ‘Cornerstone’ content puts you in your customer’s shoes, allowing you to adopt their vantage points and to consider their thoughts, feelings, and needs. In short, it allows you to get to know the people who buy from you better than any customer survey or poll ever could.

Powerful, information-packed content that inspires, motivates, empowers, intrigues, educates and ultimately leads to a frenzy of action on your reader’s part. And this is the type of Cornerstone Article that Eliseon creates for you.

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Eliseon’s “High Impact” Video Creation Service

Video is the best way to stand out, and if you aren’t producing top-quality videos that show who you really are, then your competition will beat you every time and your market may never even know you exist.

Inspire, instruct, demonstrate, introduce yourself, tell your story, brag, sell, launch a new line, get attention or corner your market……it doesn’t matter.

We’ll help you rock it in a way that makes you feel proud and leaves your audience fulfilled and thanking you for the experience. We let your genius shine while we do all the hard work for you.

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Eliseon’s “VIP Market Leader” Blogging Service

It’s one of the hardest things to faithfully maintain, but keeping a blog for your business is one of the best ways for you to keep your finger on the pulse of your market – find out what they think, need, want, fear and love. Get feedback. Share ideas and possibilities.

Build rapport and make a connection. But you don’t need to spend your precious hours blogging – we’ll create interesting and exciting daily or weekly posts, manage comments and even build your blog from the ground up. Work smart – not hard!

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Eliseon’s “Life Transforming” Avatar Core 
Identity Realization Process®

The purpose of the Avatar Process is to create the perfect business – one that is not just self-sustainable and highly profitable, but a natural expression of who you are and what you love to do; a mirror image of your greatest inner joy.

Change your life, bring in new clients, boost your income and get the passion back for what you do by discovering your true identity and purpose for your business.

The Avatar Process® is a powerful, intense one-on-one revolutionary coaching program that leads you to find the answers inside yourself that have been alluding you, and clear the blocks, fears and negativity that stand in the way of reaching your dreams.

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