“Remember that you are a teacher, you are helping people, making them feel safer, taking them from fear to love, from ignorance to knowledge.” – Stuart Wilde

“The value of a future goal is the present change it inspires.”



Create the life you never thought was possible…




Eliseon’s Life-Changing 1-on-1 Program to Create Your Perfect Life & Business


The purpose of the Avatar Process is to create the perfect business – one that is not just self-sustainable and highly profitable, but a natural expression of who you are and what you love to do; a mirror image of your greatest inner joy.

Throughout this life-changing process, we will walk you through the steps of creating and realizing your perfect business, a business so fine-tuned, authentic, and clear that you can’t help but draw the perfect like-minded clients to you. Without a lot of wasted hard work, blood, sweat, or tears.

Change your life by discovering your true identity and purpose for your business.

In fact, our goal for you is that by the end of this process, you will not only have created and refined your dream business, but also elevated your marketing and day-to-day business activities to a level where they become vastly more enjoyable, even exciting. We aim to bring back that “tingle” you had when you first thought of your idea and to show you that you can live that thrilling feeling on a daily basis. In fact, you must if you want to be an Avatar.

In the Avatar Process, we blend spiritual truth with high-vibrational business principles.

Then, in a fun, step-by-step, game-like format with precise and focused exercises, we show you exactly what to do and how to manifest what you really want in all areas of your life. We even delve into the science behind manifestation and show you why it works.

With the rapidly unfolding changes that are taking place in the evolution and energy of our planet, businesses of the present and future no longer have to choose between making great money and spiritual growth. Finally the two can be seamlessly merged into a powerful machine of wealth, evolution, and revolution.

And it’s easier and more fun than you ever dreamed it would be!


So What’s This ‘Avatar’ You Speak Of?

We see it as “a living manifestation of an idea or energy; the ultimate real-world interaction and experience.”

An Avatar is not the same as a Brand. They are as different as a real person and a two-dimensional sketch of that person.

The Avatar Core Identity Realization Process is not a “branding” process. While it will help you define yourself and your company,

The Avatar Process is not a Branding Process...by the end of the program your business will be much more than a brand. It will be a powerful Avatar.

and better equip you to market yourself in a precisely tailored manner, the Avatar Process is exponentially richer than mere branding. It’s not your logo, your color scheme, your tag line, or your mission statement, although those are important business elements which we’ll help you refine in some of the games.

The Avatar Process is about “becoming.” It’s about finding out – literally real-izing – who you are, what you believe, what you do, why you do it, and how it brings value and growth to the world, as well as to your own life. It’s about realizing your Avatar, your truest and purest energy, and then clearly defining it and centering your business and life around it so that all will know and be drawn to it.

If you play the games and do the exercises in this process to the best of your ability, and give it 110%, the results will be powerful. Wait, scratch that. The results will be life-changing…even explosive.

Not only for you, but for everything and everyone your life and business touches.


The Philosophy Behind the Avatar Process

We believe it is what you think about and how you feel that determines the world that shows up for you and the experiences you have in all areas of your life. Ultimately you have that kind of control.

The challenge is that often life itself seems to get in the way. We often feel as if we don’t have the time or self control to monitor every thought we dwell on and every feeling we feel – especially as business owners. But at the same time, we understand that our growth and life depend on it. Herein lies the conflict!

On one hand, we don’t have time and energy to police every thought and feeling every moment of the day. On the other hand, if we let our thoughts and feelings run wild and build momentum, they will attract other thoughts and memories that justify and feed them. Our subconscious will then draw more experiences into our lives that continue to reinforce and fuel those thoughts.

Your subconscious runs programs in the background like a computer.

When we don’t take the time to consistently go deep inside ourselves and look at the beliefs we’re holding – about ourselves, money, success, life, relationships, and even our purpose and power in life – we just let those old programs and processes take us over and dictate what we think about, feel, and create, without our conscious permission.

Of course, we sometimes try to create new processes that “make more sense” on top of the old ones. But often these new beliefs are only things we think we believe, or want to believe, or feel we should believe. Trying to install these new beliefs doesn’t work if the core beliefs beneath them haven’t been addressed.

So how do you do that? How do you change your core beliefs to reflect what you truly and deeply desire?

First you have to know what it is that you really want – in every area of your life (since all areas overlap and interrelate). Next, you must ask yourself questions to identify those hidden belief processes you have running in the background that no longer serve the life you desire. Then you must decide what beliefs you wish to adopt instead, and program them into your mind to start actively creating the reality you dream of. All three steps are doable and learnable.

That’s just some of what we’re going to lead you through in this powerful process. This is vitally important stuff because our successes, accomplishments, and achievements all flow from our core identity and the beliefs we hold.

And so do our failures.

If you believe you can…you will.

If you believe you can’t…you won’t.

Many of us feel frustrated because sometimes we accomplish great things seemingly without effort. At other times the events in our life are chaotic and filled with confusion and we can’t understand why, because that’s certainly not what we wanted! Our hidden, core beliefs are often the cause.


How Does this Affect My Business?

We are looking for direction and purpose in life.

We all want our lives to mean something. Sure, we want wealth, happiness, health, family, and love – but what about our purpose? If all our financial worries and obligations were handled, and we never had to work for another penny… how long would it take to get bored? How long before we would set ourselves on a path of self-sabotage in order to feel as if we were doing something? What would we do in order to make ourselves still feel needed and important?

The fact is, no matter how much or how little money we have, we still need a purpose. Purpose is what truly drives us. It’s what makes us get up in the morning. It’s what gives us the passion and love for what we do. A purpose is never strictly monetary. It’s always deeper. And most of us have no clue what our true purpose is, and even more importantly, how it fits into our business.

In order to identify our purpose and understand how we can shape our business and lives around it, we need to get clear on every aspect of ourselves.

The more defined, refined, and focused our identities and beliefs are to ourselves, the more profoundly and powerfully we will affect others.

Other other hand, if our ideas about our self, our business, and our purpose are hazy and filled with generalities and vague ideas, then our impact on life and on others will follow suit.

So the first step is to take the first step – let us know when you are ready to bring your life, your business and your perspective to a higher level of power, clarity and success by filling out the short form below.


*We only accept 10 clients for each round of The Avatar Process, since we work with you personally and bring you step by step through this life-changing and super-intense course. There’s phone consults, roundtable webinars and conference calls, and personal customized strategic planning and brainstorming for all aspects of your perfect business.


The question is, are YOU ready to take that first crucial, life-changing step?



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