Chiropractic Marketing


Dear Fellow Chiropractor,

Don’t think badly of me…I am only human.

I argued with myself long and hard over what I am about to tell you. See, I am a prideful man. I want people to think of me as a pillar of strength, never wavering in the face of a storm. A man of brilliance and ambition. Rock-solid in mind and able to succeed and achieve my dreams with ease.

In short, I want to be admired by my family, my friends, my patients…and my peers. 

But, truth can be…well, less than flattering. Especially when we don’t sugar coat it and let it shine its hairy backside in all of its ugly glory. In fact, in my case, the truth turns my face red in total embarrassment; one could even use the word…shame. My story isn’t very long, taking only a few moments of your day. But if you have ever worried, even for a minute, about the long-term success of your Chiropractic Practice (you know, what you will retire on when you can barely get out of bed yourself)…

…you would do well to invest the next few moments right here with me on this page.

See, I nearly ruined my once thriving practice. Sure, I could point my finger at this and that reason and excuse. But, for the sake of sharing my experience with you…I will hold myself to the facts.


And the cold hard fact is…


“I have to let Maddie go. How am I going to tell her I can’t afford to keep her anymore? This clinic just won’t be the same without her…and she’s getting married in 4 months…”

 It’s Monday night and the clock on the wall of my office reads 8:34 pm. All the patients have long gone home and Maddie locked up on her way out a few hours ago, but I’m still here…restless and upset.


I just can’t believe what I’m seeing.


It’s so quiet that I can hear the soft rustling sounds the fabric of my favorite blue button-down shirt makes every time I breathe. Thoughts of what to tell my wife, Laura, and how to break the news to Maddie and the rest of my staff, are spinning like a tornado in my head as I sit hunched over my antique cherrywood desk, holding my face in my hands. Illuminated only by the blue light of my computer monitor, my focus turns to the screen that holds the reason for the gallons of ice water running through my veins and the sinking feeling in my stomach.


Bank of America
Dr. J. James
Family Chiropractic Clinic
Account Balance: $1,872.33 


With a deep sigh, I wearily rub the bridge of my nose as the migraine that’s been building for the past hour suddenly explodes across my forehead in a display of fireworks and thunder. As I scroll through the financial reports for the past 3 months, a cold fear spreads through me as the truth reveals itself…I’m in dire straits and I have no idea how to get out.

What happened?

How did this go so wrong?

Leaning back in my chair, I think about last year when I was living every chiropractor’s dream – treating and healing over 150 patients each week and really making a difference in their lives.

Or so I thought.

I was the go-to doc for the community. Sure, the pay was great, but even better was the feeling I would get when a patient looked up at me with sincere gratitude for the relief and healing my treatments gave them. It really made the 8 years of school and the hefty loans I’m still trying to pay off all worthwhile. My mind drifts back fondly to the stacks of hand-written testimonial letters that used to clutter up my desk…and almost every patient eagerly sent referrals my way. I was booked weeks in advance. I even thought about hiring on a second chiropractor to help me manage the patient load – it was almost out of control (but in a really good way!)



Now the appointment book looks like a barren landscape of empty black and white squares dotted with a scrawled name here and there. The truth is, I’m barely treating 150 patients a month now, and the past due bills are piling up with no end in sight.

The testimonials and referrals have dried up, too, and I feel like I have to beg my patients to remember to tell their friends and family about us. I’ve tried every type of bribe, gimmick and embarrassing stunt to bring in new patients that I can think of (from mailing stupid gift filled reactivation letters to a giant Inflatable Spine in my parking lot) – I’m starting to feel like a clown. Or a dancing monkey hoping for a few bills thrown my way.

It’s humiliating. I feel one short step away from begging for referrals. 

Even the tried-and-true free exam and x-ray deal isn’t working anymore. Everyone’s doing it and it’s actually costing me money. Which would be fine if it actually lead to new patients signing up for long term treatment…but it isn’t. 

I’m supposed to be helping people, but how can I when they won’t even come in?



Maddie… sweet, kind-hearted Maddie. I’ve never met another receptionist like her. She literally brightens up the room when she walks in and she has this way of making all our patients feel like family. I had her spend 6 days last week calling over 690 former patients – you know, another reactivation attempt. But even though they all said they loved us and loved our standard of care and personal attention

…not a single one reactivated.

Not even one. How is that even possible?

And now I have to let Maddie go…not from the lack of response (I know it’s not her fault), but I just can’t afford to pay her anymore. I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to make rent and payroll next quarter.

It’s not the fall from the top that hurts like hell…it’s the damn landing that does the deed.



I’m trying to understand what went wrong and how to fix it. Why is it that nothing I do is working, but Dr. Manning’s practice 5 miles up the road is flourishing? He just built a beautiful 3-story Tudor style home in that exclusive gated community, and there’s a rumor he just bought a brand new Lexus for his 18 year old daughter’s graduation gift. I can’t even afford to fix the air conditioning in my son’s Honda for commute to college and it’s HOT here during the year.

And why is parking lot is always packed? His advertising isn’t even that good – I know because I’ve seen it!

It’s just not fair. (Yes I know I am whining, but it’s how I felt. If you have ever been angry, scared and deeply miserable at the same time, you know what I am talking about.)



And to top it all off, some low-life competitor is posting negative reviews on my Google Places page that are flat-out lies! The ‘reviewer’ even admits he’s never been to this clinic before, but he’s just absolutely “positive” that all the good reviews on my page are fake because ‘no one gets 34 five-star reviews just from being a great chiropractor’.

I’m so tired. It might be time to call it quits. But I don’t want to. I love my job. I love my clinic staff and I love my patients. What I need is a miracle – a last minute ‘hail Mary’ to save the day.



…somewhere on this desk I know there’s a brochure from that local company that promises 50 fresh chiropractic leads in 30 days – guaranteed. This could be it! It has to be it. It’s guaranteed (says so right on the brochure) so it has to work. I start frantically pulling open drawers and digging under piles of folders and unpaid bills…where did I put it? Man, I hope I didn’t lose…

Found it!

Filled with renewed hope, I anxiously call their office first thing in the morning and rattle off my credit card number to the bored college kid on the other end of the line. This had better work. I’m maxing out my last card on this. It’s super expensive (they say good leads don’t come cheap!), but it will be so worth every penny.

My mind drifts off into a daydream where the leads are pouring in and I’m overwhelmed with the amazing response. I think to myself how just 20 new patients could mean a $30,000 boost in my profits this year and get me out of this crisis I’m stuck in! It would put me back on the road to success…



But it doesn’t work. Not even close.

A full month has gone by and I’m back at my desk, scared to open my latest credit card statement – if I don’t look at it, maybe I can just pretend I don’t owe that much for something that definitely did not work as planned…

As of today, only 19 leads have come in and while 13 of those made appointments, only 6 kept them. The rest either canceled or didn’t even bother showing up. And out of the 6 that kept their appointments, only 2 signed up for long term treatment. Definitely not the overwhelming response I desperately needed.

I finally gather up the courage to open the credit card bill and my heart skips as my stomach sinks to the floor.

Balance due: $4,597.

Another wave of cold dread washes over me as it dawns on me I won’t be able to pay this! I feel myself crumbling under the weight of it all and I realize I’ve done all I can do – I’ve pulled out all the stops and I’m tapped out. So this is what it feels like to be at the end of your rope…?

There’s really only one thing left for me to do. It’s hard for me to even admit this, but all I can do is lay my head down on my desk and cry like a baby.



I am about to make the toughest decision of my life and I can only hope I’m doing the right thing.

I pick up the phone to call my long time friend and fellow chiropractor, John, who just relocated from Arkansas and re-opened his practice on the other side of town. I try to hide the tremble in my voice as I ask him to meet me for Chinese at the all-u-can-eat buffet down the street.

“I have something really important and very personal to tell you, John. I know you’re busy, but it can’t wait. Can we meet in 20 minutes?”

So over a plate of sweet-and-sour chicken, I begin to pour my heart out to John. I tell him everything; hold nothing back. And then I drop the bombshell…

“John, would you be willing to take my patients from now on? I think I’m going to call it quits before things get even more out of control.”

John nearly chokes in shock. He swallows his mouthful of chicken fried rice and says to me in true sincerity, “James, buddy, as much I could use the extra money…and I can definitely go for a larger patient base, I would much rather see you keep your clinic and keep on doing what you love doing – and that’s making people better. The world is running short of people like you, James – people who care and devote their lives to helping others no matter what the cost.”

I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to quit, but what else can I do?



I hang my head in weariness, but movement to my right draws my attention and I look up to see John sliding a napkin with 7 blue letters in his signature scrawling on it towards me. I look at it in bewilderment when John says to me, “I want you to promise me something. Promise me you won’t give up until you do this one thing…go to this website and contact them – I know they can help. This is the company I used last year to grow and expand my side business.

But James, when you email them, be sure to tell them I sent you – this is important because they primarily work on a referral basis. You’ll rarely ever see them advertise – it’s just not their style.”



John gives me a mischievous smile and adds, “In fact, I need to warn you because they are, well…they’re different. They’re more like Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr version) than Dilbert – what I mean is they aren’t some big conglomerate of cubicle workers plucking away in an office.

Let’s just say they’re…quirky.

Maybe even a little eccentric.

Totally professional in every way and they know what they’re doing, but they aren’t what you’d expect of a typical marketing company. The main guy in charge has not only studied under some of the greatest business minds of our time and has this almost freakish ability to mastermind a market dominating strategy for their clients…but the guy also deeply studies Eastern philosophy and he’s training to be a cage fighter in his spare time.

The head of their graphics team creates stunning masterpieces, just gorgeous marketing pieces and design but she’s also an accomplished fashion designer in Italy.

The lead writer is also a children’s photographer on the side, as well as an artist that creates Harry Potter-inspired paintings. Like I said…they’re unique.”



In between bites of fortune cookie, he explains to me how this company specializes in specializing. I look at him with raised eyebrows and he clarifies it for me by adding, “I mean they isolate and study the elite in whatever industry they’re focusing on. They use a scientific approach that consists of something like 30 different metrics to model and replicate the exact successful methods, strategies and actions of the winners and superstars who dominate that market, because those superstars are the ones doing it right – they’ve already discovered what works and that’s why they’re #1.”

Ah…well that makes sense, I think to myself.

“So they’re like the Sherlock Holmes of Business Growth?” I ask.

“Exactly! They create extremely specific answers for specific problems instead of a blanket approach in one-size-fits-all. And James, I really think they can help. In fact, I’m sure of it – so please promise me you’ll contact them before you go and do something crazy.”

“I will. Thank you, John.” It’s all I can think to say right now as we both stand up to leave. I can feel another tremulous thread of hope trying to take hold in my chest, and I walk out to my car with my heart feeling just a little lighter.



I stare blankly at the subject line of the email. What company won’t help a potential client? Confused and worried, I open the email and continue reading:

“Thank you for reaching out to us, Dr. James, but we can’t help you at this time. We’re so sorry. You’re actually the fourth chiropractor to contact us in the past six months, but we just don’t know the chiropractic industry very well. It’s not one of our current specialties. If we decide to go into that industry in the near future, we’ll be sure to let you know! Warmly, Michele”

The knot of dread begins to form yet again in the pit of my stomach. I feel like screaming – this was my last hope. I’m truly at the end of my rope – I am about to lose everything I’ve spent my life working so hard to build and nurture. So if I’m going out, I’m going out fighting.

I hit reply and start typing…

I quickly explain what I’m facing and how hard this is for me to ask, but can they please just try something – anything? I don’t care if it’s not specialized for the chiropractic market. Couldn’t they just apply what works in other industries to my practice? Please?

I’m being a little modest…I begged for help. I really did. I even played the old “My son needs A/C or he might get heat stroke going to school!” card.

I hit ‘send’ and await their response with baited breath. Everything rides on what they say…

I try to keep busy while I wait, but I keep checking and refreshing my email anxiously awaiting their reply.

And there it is! They didn’t keep me waiting long, which is a relief because I don’t think my heart can handle too much more. These past few weeks have been the hardest in a very long time.



I hold my breath as I open the email. My mind and heart are both racing out of control as I try to anticipate their decision.

“Dr. James, your heartfelt plea moved us. So many other businesses, beyond just chiropractors, are going through similar crisis all over the world. Their foundations are being shaken and now they have to rethink everything – change everything. What used to work, just doesn’t anymore and everyone is looking for a new approach; something to set themselves apart and get back to their roots, while at the same time bringing their business to new and greater levels of success and fulfillment. This is what we do – we help businesses of all kinds find that new direction and that higher level so they can fall back in love with what they do again. We take the stress and burden off their shoulders and put it on ours – meaning we handle all the work for them so they can get back to doing what they do best (while we do what we do best).

We can do this for you, but only on one condition…it will be at least 3 – 4 months before we can start on your account in full force. The reason is that we need time to immerse ourselves in the chiropractic world and learn all there is to learn. When we do something, we do it right the first time. Warmly, Michele”


Relief floods through me – I feel like I’ve been given a second chance. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, but when you’re up against the wall, overwhelmed and beat to hell…you just want relief from the pressure of it all.




Things have been moving faster than expected and so many exciting things are happening.

In fact, I just received an email from my new marketing team letting me know what’s been going on and I am SO excited!

Instead of trying to explain it all, I’m just going to post the entire email from Michele, so here we go:


Dr. James,

Wow! It has been a CRAZY and intense past 4 months. We have been so deeply immersed in the Chiropractic world that I must say we have a newfound respect and appreciation for all that you do. It’s such a fascinating field and we’ve met some amazing people – both “straights” and “mixers” – and we’ve learned so much more than I can explain here.

But I do want to tell you what we’ve found, so let me jump right in…

We’ve spent the last few months picking the brains of chiropractic’s elite – the superstars that average 6 figures a month – to find out how they’re doing it and how we can replicate it and make it even better. This was no easy task! These techniques are HIGHLY guarded and held close to the vest…but we did it.

True, we had to do some serious bargaining and bartering (luckily what we do is highly appealing to chiros and it allowed us to exchange our marketing services for their super-secret knowledge) and there *might* have been some bribing involved…but you didn’t hear that from me!

And in all cases we had to sign a blood oath promising that we would NEVER divulge these methods and techniques with any of their competitors or other chiropractors within a 30 mile radius of their clinics.

That’s not an analogy either! I have a small stack of Non-Disclosure Agreements in our files to prove it.

But what we learned in return was so worth it, Dr. James! It’s put a whole new spin on everything you thought you knew about chiropractic marketing. Let me explain…

There are 5 key strategies that MUST be in place to if you want to achieve the same level of success the top 1% of chiropractors are experiencing. In fact, over and over we saw how those elite few that implemented all 5 strategies together would consistently bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis, and those that only integrated 2 or 3 of these key strategies literally did half that!

So here’s a peek into those 5 Powerful Key Strategies to Quantum Growth –


City-Wide Deep Patient & Partner Referral System

This is a 2-part powerhouse strategy that can lead to insane growth.

Part 1: Most chiropractors live and die by referrals but they are notoriously difficult and tricky to get (without pestering or nagging the patient). This is where our
‘12-Point No Begging Patient Referral System’-Feed kicks in and in a short amount of time you could gain an additional 5 – 15 new patients right away and keep growing adding new ones on a monthly basis! (some clinics in larger cities report 30+ new referrals per month!)

Part 2: Is where we build a mutual and profitable connection with select professionals in the alternative health, medical and law fields (we have isolated over a Dozen Key Business Markets this works well in) within a 7 mile radius of your clinic and begin a cross-promotion campaign that could lead to an additional 5 – 30 new patients flooding your clinic each month. And when each patient is worth an average of $1500 to you, it could increase your yearly income by$90,000 or more!

We’ve refined and honed the effectiveness and precision of these powerful techniques to quickly and easily locate and acquire City-Wide Referral Partners for your clinic. All we do is simply “Pop this system into place” within your practice and BAM!

We can do this in a slow and steady “Drip-Feed” fashion or a full-out “Unified Front” maneuver to block your competitors from catching on to the genius of what “you” are doing and trying to copy-cat you.

Either way the result is powerful, long-lasting and extremely profitable!

And 100% of the process is Done For You By Our Team of Specialists!


Offline Media Influence and Marketing

Ultra-Targeted advertising is the only way to go – not only do you have to zero in on specific conditions and ailments, but also address how your specific method of treatment can dramatically improve their life in every aspect, from higher productivity at work to a better golf swing or karate kick!

Your marketing has to reach beyond what the average person thinks and knows about chiropractic care, and show them how their lives can be positively changed through long term treatment and prevention – and targeted offline marketing is one of the most powerful ways to do this.

But you must be extremely careful…you could very easily lose your shirt, your home – and even your marriage! – if you don’t follow the 7 very specific key components to Highly Profitable Offline Media strategies.

Along with those 7 strategies, we have isolated and verified over a Dozen white-hot markets of people who are in desperate need of chiropractic services RIGHT NOW and all we need to do is insert our proven ADS into any market you choose through Offline Media such as TV, Radio or Print, then hit the ‘Go’ button and your waiting room could be packed within days.

All the work is Done For You – you don’t have to lift a finger!

<h3 > Online Marketing, Social Media and Google Domination

Way too many Chiropractors are still mentally living in the early 2000’s.

How people search for answers to their problems changes on a monthly basis. Being tied down to a desktop computer is old news as more and more people are living on their smart phones and portable PCs.

Every minute, millions of searches for solutions to everyday problems are performed on Google and Bing, and now with Siri (Apple’s Voice Recognition Service), answers to pressing questions can be found with the push of a button. And as we speak, your potential new patients are looking for a physician just like you RIGHT NOW, through
Google Local Search.

Over 70% of searchers only click on one of the TOP 3 search results.

If you’re not in those TOP 3 results, you are sitting on the river bank watching other Chiropractors haul in your future patients for themselves. They are using nets while you are desperately grabbing with wet, slimy hands for a single fish.

We have testimonials and unsolicited praises of adoration from businesses around the world for the stellar results and excellence of our ability to not only get a business to the top of Google, but Keep Them There. It’s pain-staking work and requires hundreds of hours of brain-numbing concentration and unwavering maintenance.

We can do Everything For You, or you can do it for yourself. But either way it has to be done if you are serious about your success.

If you want to play this smart, let us Do This For You. It’s what we’re great at!


Efficient, Optimized & Highly Motivated Profit-Making Clinic

If you looked behind the scenes of a Superstar Chiropractor’s clinic, you’d see a seamless and well-oiled treatment machine, which leads to delicious profits for the clinic as a result.

Healing is only part of their business – they also know how to schedule, organize, strategize, monetize, motivate and of course, sell. It’s almost like they have an instruction manual most other chiros don’t seem to have access to – and it’s full of ways to get their staff to share and pursue the owner’s vision of success, manage intense patient and paperwork loads with minimal time and effort, schedule appointments like the airport schedules planes and get those “on-the-fence-I-don’t-know-if-I-need-an-appointment-so-can-you-talk-me-into-it?” people booked and into their clinics!

Truth is, they doand now we have it, too.

We have bribed, bartered and schmoozed our way into acquisition of the Step-By-Step processes, systems, scripts, forms and highly effective reactivation techniques of the top clinics in the world. Pure. Gold.

Here’s the catch: if you are a Chiropractor in the same city as any of the doctors we acquired these systems from, we can’t share them with you. We signed ironclad agreements protecting our source physicians, and we believe in honor and integrity – we run our business based on those ideas. So under no condition will we break that protection agreement and use our source physicians’ secrets against them with a competitor – for any amount of money.

But…if you’re running a clinic in a city where we don’t have an agreement with another local Chiropractor…then you’re golden.

What this means for you is that when these powerful methods and techniques are implemented into your practice, you’ll experience far fewer cancellations, greater conversions to Long-Term Treatment and much higher purchase amounts.

We’re talking tested and proven reactivation methods, up-sell scripts, cross-sell scripts, faster patient intake forms – all the way down to the actual scripts receptionists use to answer the phone which have proven to be super effective when it comes to getting new patients in the door.

All guesswork has been erased and now you can finally run your clinic like the Superstars Chiropractors run theirs.


We provide everything you need to take your clinic from Good to Incredible!            


Pillar of Strength, Authority and Leadership in the Community

This is THE winning strategy and so few Chiropractors even know about this. One thing we learned is that chiropractors get a bad rap – some don’t consider it a “real” medical profession and so people don’t think of seeing a chiropractor when they have pain.

And no amount of paid advertising will change their minds… but so many chiros still try. They blow all their income trying to outspend everyone else to both educate the public while also hoping to build their brand and clinic. But it rarely works, and when it does, the effects last only as long as the paid ad lasts.

After that, out of sight – out of mind!

So what can change people’s minds? Positioning yourself as a community leader and pillar of healing and strength. The way to do this is both simple and complex, and it all comes down to getting the most powerful press there is….FREE PRESS.

This kind of press sets you apart and puts you as the city’s healer in everyone’s mind.

And when it’s done right, it creates a powerful “Halo Effect” that spreads out, like a ripple in the minds of your market that soon leads to a tsunami as it hits the shore and entrenches you as The Go To Chiropractor in town. While they are out spending every last penny trying to get new patients, you’re out there making a difference and all the while garnering the unbiased free press from radio, tv, newspapers and the local community that no amountof money can buy, and no amount of paid advertising can equal.

Very few Chiropractors can pull this off on their own, but those that do – and those that reach out for help to do this – experience a quantum growth in ways they never imagined were possible.

We mastermind the entire campaign with you and then go to work building relationships and rapport with your city’s editors and reporters. We craft compelling stories related to your clinic and then feed the members of the press those stories in the format they prefer.

A Golden Ticket to Top of Mind awareness in Your City! With this Strategy implemented in your city for your clinic, you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

All Done For You With Excellence and Precision!


These past few months have been some of the most exciting in my chiropractic career. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical that I could achieve a level of success that so few chiropractors ever hope to experience. I knew that the methods worked – I’ve seen proof of how it worked for so many others – but you know how it goes… the age old question is always “but will it work for ME?”

All I can say is that things are definitely changing – and all for the better! I’m now enjoying the same exact proven and powerful methods that the elite superstar chiropractors all over America are using to pack their waiting rooms with 10 – 50 new patients a month and bring their incomes into the 6 and 7 figures!

Best of all, for the first time I’m not alone in this.

I have a full team dedicated to helping me create new and exciting ideas to bring in and reactivate patients, plan fun events, build a loyal social media following and a front page Google ranking, redesign my logo, website and clinic decor, answer questions whenever I have them, and be there ready with a roadmap of what to do whenever I get lost.



And I’m even a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I’m loving the attention, too! Because of all the positive press about the events I’ve held to bring back healing and relief to my local community, I’m getting recognized out on the streets more and more. It’s like I’m a mini celebrity and I just get the best feeling when someone calls my name, walks over and then thanks me from the bottom of their heart for what my clinic is doing for them and the city. I honestly didn’t know a simple chiropractor could get this kind of positive attention…

…to sum it all up, I’m now loving what I do and I wake up every morning with renewed passion and a vision to change the way my city sees chiropractic care and to change their lives for the better through what I do.



If you want to experience rapid growth and expansion in your clinic and know what it’s like to have someone there helping you every step of the way, relieving you of the pressure and stress of having to figure it all out yourself, then simply fill out the form below. It only takes a minute, but the positive and powerful results will be forever.

And watch as over the next few weeks and months, your clinic begins to grow and reach new levels of success and recognition right before your eyes.


If you don’t take your business seriously, and you don’t take other people’s time seriously, then this is not the company you want to work with. They’re friendly and quirky and incredible at what they do, but they’re also professionals. They let me know right from the start that if a potential client doesn’t respond to emails or doesn’t reply back after they receive their customized proposal (which can take up to 8 hours of their time to research and create for each request), then this company will not accept them as a client. Only those who are responsible, passionate and serious about growing their business will be warmly embraced into their family!

And since only ONE chiropractor in each city is accepted, it’s on a first come, first served basis – meaning if there are other chiropractors from your area in queue after you, but you don’t respond to emails or stay in touch, then they will be bumped up in front of you and it’s often a year or more before new spots open.


GOT IT! So now what about the price?

This was my biggest question, too. Each service is customized to match each client’s need, so there’s no one-size-fits-all price. But the good news is that if you can afford to run a full page newspaper ad, then you can afford this! In fact it’s often less than a newspaper ad and you get so much more in return, including a fully dedicated team that does everything for you…try getting that from your local paper.

But let me say this…if you’re charging your groceries and rent to your credit card or you expect to get a service of this caliber for a few hundreds bucks, don’t bother filling out the form – this is not for you. Just stick to what you’re doing and hope for the best.

On the other hand – if you are passionate and ready to experience an adventure of growth and expansion like no other…a journey to true success, then fill out the short form below and you’ll be on your way in a matter of hours!!

But what if your practice is steady and doing fine? Then congrats! Since you’re already on the path to success, you will get even more of a benefit from this service!

It’s not just for those in dire straights, like I was. Even if you’re bringing in $30,000 a month in profit, there’s always room for improvement and growth. Imagine what you could do with double that amount per month? Imagine the nest egg you could tuck away, the legacy you could leave for your children, the people in need you could care for and help! And you know as well as I do, that no matter how successful you are right now, in one fleeting moment everything can change…and you never know when the economy could crash or a slow patch could hit or a flood of new chiros move into your town and take your patients away.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you want the same 5 Powerful Quantum Growth Systems at work for you – the exact same methods and techniques the Elite Superstar Chiropractors are using to make 6 and 7 figures – then fill out the form below so they can be implemented into your practice right away.

It’s really a no-brainer! Where else can you find a service that will do EVERYTHING FOR YOU, while you spend your time focusing on what’s important in your life?

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You need this. Almost every chiropractor I know needs this, even if they’re doing well in their practice. What happened to me could happen to any doctor when they least expect it…when they’re totally unprepared and they think everything is okay.

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