“I was sitting and staring at my computer screen with my mouth open, and my jaw practically hitting the floor at the amazing sales letter you wrote for me. (I’m not kidding, that’s exactly what I did). I was just stunned at how you were able to take a basic description of my information product, and create a sales letter masterpiece that left my prospects drooling over my product by the time they were finished! How good was your letter?…my sales conversion rate with the letter so far is a whopping 6.5%!” – Don Benvenuto


Copywriter to the Stars - Filsaime, Gisele, Humphrey, Callen, and more!


“Our powerful copywriting Wizard has written for Agora Publishing,

major supplement makers, infomercial products, Tom Hopkins,

Internet Marketing gurus such as Mike Filsaime, Brad Callen,

Keith Baxter, Jack Humphrey, Tom Bell and small-time

entrepreneurs with dreams as big as Texas.”



The question is….are your words driving your customers away or drawing them in like a sweet aroma carried on the wind?



You have a fabulous product or service and you know people want it – they need it. They will absolutely LOVE it…

…If they only knew about it.

But alas, knowing is only half the battle.

Your audience has to feel desire for it. Establish a connection to it. To you.

It may sound easy – after all, it’s just a page of words about how wonderful and special your offer is and how it will change their lives…anyone can write that, right?

Eliseon's Sales Letter Copywriter has Magic and Mojo!

Hmmmm…not really.

See there’s a secret behind it. Magic. Mojo.

Words have power. They can create worlds. And destroy them. They can bring a host of followers or a horde of lynchers straight to your door.

The right words, in the right placement, acts as a password – a key, of sorts – into the depths of the reader’s soul. It either locks them up tight like Fort Knox, or it can open a doorway and paved the way to rapport, connection, and ultimately, trust.

But there’s a science behind getting it right. And when you do, it’s truly magic. A sight to behold.

Think about it – have you ever read something so creative, so passionate, so inspiringly honest and sincere, that you were swept away in a frenzy to be a part of whatever it was?

The right words can unlock a door into your audience's mind - free their passion and excitement.


Whether it was a story, an experience offered by a product or service, or an adventure filled with the promise of unknown mysteries…you simply had to be a part of it.

You didn’t even have to finish reading the entire piece…halfway through you knew it had to be yours.

You know that feeling. It’s rapture – pure and simple.

And now, you can have your own story to tell that has that same powerful effect on people.

And you don’t have to write down a single word of copy.





I Have A Secret To Tell You…Come Close.

We have a secret to tell you…but you can’t tell another living soul!

Our Magic Copywriting Wand

See, just like our “Magic Video Wand”, and our “Magic Book Wand”…we also have a “Magic Marketing Piece Wand”.

It doesn’t sound as glamorous, I know, but it is POWERFUL.

And our resident Wizard that wields it is one of the best.

When you’re ready to show the world what you have to offer, you need to have the right words to say, in the right order, backed with honesty, passion, inspiration and strong positive emotions.

True, it’s actually a bit more science than magic, but the result will BE pure magic when it comes to your increasing conversions, leads and sales.

Magic of the best kind…the “Money Magic”.



You Were Told Traditional Advertising Would Work,

You’ve probably tried everything already. You may have even hired a copywriter to create a masterpiece for you, but it’s just not getting the results you want.

It’s ok – it’s not your fault.

The reason why you’re not seeing the results you dream of is because your current marketing approach isn’t working. After all, you’ve probably never been taught what really works for a business like yours.

Old advertising and marketing methods don't work as well in this new business era.

And you’ve probably been pressured into buying newspaper, radio, search engine, email and Yellow Page ad programs that ended in frustration.

Relying on shop-worn ideas and image-driven advertising consultants and agencies does nothing but drain your bank account. We know – we’ve been there before. And it sucks.

The good news is, we learned from our mistakes. We found someone who outshines the competition and is a master of words and psychology.

We found our Copywriting Wizard…and we’re willing to share him.

Why? Because he’s so good, it just wouldn’t be fair to hog him all to ourselves. We learned in kindergarten it’s good karma to share, so…you can have him.

If you can handle him, that is.




How one man can bring in millions of dollars for his clients,
even in the midst of a crushing economic recession

See, he’s smart. And clever. And he’s a handful.

Do you need a talented Copywriting Wizard?

He does things differently than most other copywriters. In fact, we don’t even like to lump him in with them. He’s in a distinct class all by himself.

Head Boy, you could say.

For one, he’s an experienced entrepreneur, so he knows the world of business. Add to that experience a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology from the University of Houston, topped with 10 years in the trenches, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a star.

But wait, there’s more!

He also developed a proprietary method for writing direct mail, sales letters and web copy using potent persuasion and influence techniques. By using his very own “multiple-layer” of persuasion approach system called “Smart Persuasion™”, he can achieve phenomenal sales conversion results for pretty much any business out there – even with the mass amounts of ‘sales resistance’ people nowadays have.

His masterpieces can yield an impressive response from even the most sophisticated and discerning target audiences.

Basically, he can sell ice to an Eskimo.

Because what he does, works.

  • One of his sales letters generated $441,000 in 1 day
  • Another one of his sales letters pulled in $28,000 in 1 day
  • One of his email campaigns pulled in $1.2 million in 3 months
  • Yet another of his powerful sales letters pulled in over $300,000 in 3 weeks
  • And one more pulled in $78,418 in 27 days


And Here’s WHY…


#1: Science-based Copywriting – Smart Persuasion

Not writing based on guesswork, but on empirical research from BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY, influence and compliance. He has perfected a

We know the Psychology of Copywriting

signature brand of copywriting called “Psychologically-Enhanced Copywriting™”, employing powerful, synergistic and closely-guarded sales psychology techniques.

These techniques are 100% ethical because there’s no forcing or bribing your audience to buy. Instead, he uses certain words and patterns to connect with your audience and increase the desire they already for your offer into real action.

It’s incredible how he takes their own pre-dispositions and uses them to cut through objections, skepticism and confusion like a hot knife through butter.



#2: Get Copywriting Based Upon the Art of SELLING

Obvious…I know!

Is your copywriter well-versed in the fine Art of Selling? Ours is.

But not all copywriters understand or apply this most basic yet vital aspect.

See, if you want a sales letter that lines your pockets with gold, it has to be based upon tested and proven principles of salesmanship. Fact. Good writing doesn’t cut it in this business – but knowing how to sell does.

So it’s a darn good thing that our Wizard’s copywriting and sales scripts are influenced by the best sales trainers in the world, responsible for building sales organizations that propel their respective companies into #1 status.



#3: Superior Expertise and Copywriting Skill

Copywriting students are fine, as long as they aren't in charge of YOUR Sales Letter!

If you’re familiar with the copywriting game, you’ll notice that recently there’s been a rash of “how to become a copywriter” courses and seminars popping up everywhere you look.

Nothing wrong with that – everyone starts somewhere, right? But just not with your stuff…

Out there now there are many inexperienced, poorly-skilled copywriters trying to pass themselves off as competent writers. There are ways to spot an up-and-comer who has no experience but tons of seminars and home study courses under his belt.

But you have to be careful, because usually at these seminars, these aspiring copywriters get packages of sales letter templates…can you see where we’re going with this?

If you were to hire one of them, you’d get a cookie cutter sales letter that hundreds of these other copywriters are using. Your business deserves better. Your offer is fresh and original, and you need, and deserve, a sales letter to match.



#4: Superior Service & Work Ethic

Here’s a dirty little copywriting secret…

We never outsource your Sales Letter!

Some copywriters will farm out your work to “wet behind the ears rookies”. And then the copywriter whom you thought was doing your work will just add a few tweaks to the work of their rookie writers and call it a day’s work.

Not so with our Word Wizard – he personally writes all of your sales copy. So you always get the best and can breathe easy knowing your project is getting the love and attention it deserves.

Every business is different. Every audience is different. Therefore every sales letter should be, too. That’s why yours is tailor made to your specific situation and will resonate with your target audience and trigger them to respond to your offer.



No, Really…What CAN’T He Do???

You need it? He can do it.

Direct Mail (Lead Generation and Mail Order), Sales Letters, Sales Video Scripts, Website Sales Letters (Long copy and short landing pages), Autoresponder & Email Sales Letters, Magalogs, Press Releases, Publicity Articles, White Papers, Sales Scripts, Annual Reports, Brochures and Complete online and offline ad campaigns.

But we even go a step further…

Sales Letter & Sales Video for One Price!

We also can create a customized and visually stunning direct marketing multimedia VIDEO Presentation of the written Sales Letter for you.

This is a one of a kind dual-impact marketing combination that brings the written letter to life through the power of Hollywood Glamour (images, sound effects, dynamic video text and/or presentation slides, voice overs and dazzling music) that will truly take your Sales Letter over the top and draw in the perfect client who is ready to spend top dollar with your company.


We haul in our über-talented designers and video masters for this feat of wonder and we pull out all the stops – whatever it takes to create the perfect visual experience to compliment your Sales Letter and draw the oooh’s and aaaah’s from your audience.

So that means you have two, count ‘em – TWO – ways to pull in hungry eyes to your page.




We only do business with awesome people.

Like we said…we can work our magic with pretty much any business out there.

Any business – except those sneaky dubious ones that just scream ‘I’m here to take your money and leave you with nothing!”

Nope. We don’t go for that type. He’s very selective, and we’re even pickier than he is. So be fore-warned.



But if your business qualifies, you can be experiencing similar success as Tom…

“The copy you wrote took us from 1.1 to 1.8 conversion at TodayICan.com (which represents over 1.2 MILLION in gross sales). Thanks a million… uh, make that 1.2 million ” – Tom Bell, Today I Can


and Jack….

“My sales went through the roof compared to my old copy. I highly recommend the guy. He is very professional and let’s you know what’s going on through the whole process – very nice touch these days. He cares about followup too and helps with tweaks well after doing what you pay him for. I saw an immediate 77% increase in profits just from my search engine traffic! Thanks!”
-Jack Humphrey – of Power Linking Profits and Authority Sites


and Sadhiv…

“1,200% return on investment so far — You’ve nearly DOUBLED my sales!”
– Sadhiv Mahandru, President Natural Elements


and Patrick…

“The 2 letters written for me have generated $746,084.38 in sales and have
converted over 4,000 customers.
At this rate I might soon have to call you 
my  million dollar man.” – Patrick Coffey, Early to Rise


and Mike…

“I am thrilled with the 3 you wrote. Working very well and calls ringing off the hook
every day.
Really, great job. Your work is killer. I like your style.” Mike Filsaime


and L.M…

“You beat the direct mail control package of another big name copywriter.
Your direct mail package so far has brought in $78,418 in 27 days!” L.M.


He's a Sales Letter God, but only One Man

But Mike’s just one man. And he only has 2 arms.

Which means there’s limited space and often a waiting list, so if you want in on the Magic, drop us an email below so we can set you up with a meet and greet and get the Magic Show on the road.


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