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“Eliseon rocketed my website to the first page of Google – something I struggled in doing for over 2 years. It only took them 2 weeks!” – Chris Lang, www.GadgetMVP.com



Want to be on Top Without Cheating? 


The New HOLISTIC Approach to SEO,
Link-Building, and Massive Business Growth…

It’s SEO for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

There are thousands of SEO companies in the US alone, so why choose us?

Of course we build powerful one-way links from authority sites that boost your rankings. Of course we use only ‘Gold Hat’ techniques and methods (even higher than White Hat) to optimize your site, both on and off-page. But there are several great companies out there that do that, too.

So why are we any different?


We offer a holistic approach to SEO

Because we take a Holistic Approach to the way we do SEO – actually, the way we do EVERYTHING. And by Holistic, we mean that we don’t just provide a service…our aim is to improve the overall health of your business in every area through additional advice, direction, action steps, master-minding and powerful, proprietary methods of growing your business in ways that no other company offers.

A business is only as successful, powerful and clear as it’s owner. If you have not refined what it is you want from your business, from your clients, from yourself…if you don’t know exactly who your perfect client is (and we don’t mean the average or target audience – we  mean the client you can’t wait to work with – the one that excites you, loves you, refers people to you, is loyal to you and spends their money with you in return for the awesome value you provide for them), then your business will NEVER break through the plateau it’s stuck on, no matter WHAT you do – even if you have the best marketing team in the world.

Because your business is an extension of you, and until you know exactly what direction to go and what target to aim for, you’ll never hit your mark. Ever.

Who’s your perfect client?

And this is why we came up with a unique and proprietary Holistic, All-Inclusive Approach to everything we do. We work with you to help you refine your exact desires and direction, clarify exactly the perfect client that you want to reach that will bring the most to your business in every aspect – from money and referrals to connections, opportunities and service.

And once you know who your perfect and most exciting client is, then we take our proprietary Golden Thread Search Engine Optimization Method and use it to seek out and directly target your perfect client – meeting them where they are. And by being there in the exact place they are searching, at the exact time they are ready to buy, you are now poised and positioned to be their number one choice.

And you did it in such an efficient way, because  you didn’t  just toss out money, energy and time on keywords or methods that reach the general masses, including those potential clients you DON’T want:

  • The tire-kickers
  • Complainers
  • Habitual refund-requesters
  • Uncertain people you have to sell and convince
  • Those that never listen or follow advice or instructions
  • Those who are never satisfied, no matter what you do
  • Those that drag you down and drain your energy, resources, money and time
  • Those who are unhappy and miserable and aim to make everyone just as unhappy and miserable
  • Those who can’t really afford you but feel pressured or make bad decisions and get into contracts they can’t keep or will lose their house over, so they hound and harass you and bug you to no end over their investment

Those are NOT your perfect clients! You want the ones that are loyal, excited to be a part of your vision and ready to buy – from you! And as part of our service, we help you refine and then target the ones that ARE Your Perfect Clients and draw them in right at the point they are ready, and happy, to buy from you.


So How Do We Do This Marvelous Thing?

Well, for instance, through our Golden Thread SEO Service you’ll experience our revolutionary holistic approach in this way:

  • Instead of just ranking for a grab bag of keywords you think will get you traffic, we target the specific keywords that Your Perfect Client uses to search for your product or service when they are ready to buy, and we focus only on those money-making, uber-targeted keywords. This saves you time, money, effort and greatly reduces the chances of getting clients you can’t stand.  🙂
  • For the page titles and descriptions that show up in Google’s search results, we refine and craft them so the wording and perspective is aligned with the values of Your Perfect Client and is written in a way that appeals to them and draws them in. In essence, when they see your title and description come up in their search results, they’ll read it and instantly say “Yes! That’s me! That’s just what I was looking for!”
  • When we create the unique and original content we use as part of our Golden Thread SEO Method, we word it in a way that attracts and appeals to Your Perfect Client and connects with them on a deeper level than anything else out there. It captures your voice and personality while reaching out to those who most desire you and need – and can most benefit from – your product or service. The content will match their core values, meet their needs, answer their questions and inspire them to take the action you desire.


Why we’re different..

And during the process of our in-depth research, we help you discover more about yourself, your perfect ideal client and what steps you need to take to get where you want to be. Your vision becomes more refined and clear, you are newly inspired and refreshed and you start to fall back in love with your business and your clients. You remember why you started doing this in the first place, and you love every minute of it!




What is the Revolutionary
“Golden Thread
Search Engine
Optimization SystemTM
and How Did It Come About?

It’s All Thanks to a Drunk Russian, a Trip to Prague and a Ruined Italian Shirt…


Once upon a time, on a twelve-hour, jam-packed red eye flight from New Orleans to Prague, I was stuck beside a Russian businessman who was getting drunker and drunker on “airline red.” I was wearing my favorite WHITE Italian shirt (the one my wife picked out for me in Las Vegas) and you can probably guess what happened next. Call it destiny.

Red Red Wine…and SEO?

During a moment of turbulence, his entire serving of merlot leapt from his glass onto my shirt. It took every ounce of self-control to maintain my cool. I asked the flight attendant for some club soda and made my way to the washroom.

The whole time I was scrubbing out the purple stain I kept grumbling about how you can’t choose who you get stuck sitting next to on planes and why couldn’t the Russian have been drinking vodka instead.

Back in my seat, the wine stain almost gone and the Russian snoring soundly, I had nothing but time on my hands. So I started thinking about how this could be a learning experience. And that’s when it hit me…we may not be able to choose who we are forced to connect with on a plane, but we can choose whom and what we connect and associate with in business!


What Does A Stained Shirt Have To Do With SEO?

This got me thinking about what Google means when it looks for the best of the best in sites, content and products & services. And about how it assigns high rankings based on connections and association – who and what each site is linked to. And about how I could apply this lesson to SEO…

Golden Thread SEO & Link Building System Map

With the scent of cheap wine lingering in the air and eight more hours till Prague, I tore out of sheet of notebook paper and grabbed some colored pencils. I began to sketch out a SEO Linking Map I had swimming around in my head. And thus the Golden Thread Search Engine Optimization System was born.

The Golden Thread Search Engine Optimization System is based on more than just getting links. Anyone can do that. Eliseon’s aim is to build powerful and synergistic links that shoot lightning bolts of electricity to your site, making it explode to the top of the search engines.


We build powerful links to trusted Authority Sites

And not just links from any old site, but from powerful authority sites that have very selective palates and a preference for top-shelf content. We’re talking celebrity and politicians’ sites; hobby authorities and niche markets of all kinds; art, poetry, music, and technology; online radio stations and news sites; top surgeons’ blogs.

Why would they link to you? Why, in fact, would they fight for the opportunity to link to you?

Because they are crazy-mad for the Signature VIP content Eliseon creates for you.

See, everything revolves around reciprocity…about giving immense value to you, value to your clients, value to the websites that host your content, value to the search engines, and value to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Which means we never take shortcuts when creating intent-driven content that connects to your audience on a deep core level. Nothing sneaky, underhanded, or sketchy that could get you banned. No PLR, scraped, or spun content, no non-native English writers, no automated software, no wasting time on building worthless links just to see their number rise while your site never benefits.


Let me tell you what our proprietary Golden Thread Search Engine Optimization Strategy is Not:

It Is Not: Infuriating blog comment spamming

It Is Not: Harassing or begging website owners for links

It Is Not: High Risk link-buying

It Is Not: Trashy article spinning and spamming of article directories

It Is Not: Black Hat (or even Grey Hat) linking or spamming techniques of any kind

A Golden Thread of value & passion connecting everyone to each other.

Really it’s just about insane amounts of passionate dedication focused on getting you to where you want to be, and then even further, until you can’t even see where you started from.

We are with you every step of the way. We don’t just build some links and send you on your way.

Through our Holistic Approach, we help you achieve financial independence, success, abundant wealth and true fulfillment by helping you find greater ways to be of greater service to an ever-increasing number of people.



So where do you want to go next?






*Email us for details!


Golden Thread Search Engine Optimization Packages ROCKSTAR Package A-LIST CELEBRITY Package MEDIA MOGUL Package
Link Building & Development      
Number of Keywords Targeted
Number of URLS (on the same site)
Number of Powerful One-Way Links Built
We work with your site to build the perfect amount of links needed while staying in Google’s good graces (whether that be 50 or 500 links). The amount of links is based on your site’s current link profile (a site with only 20 links shouldn’t grow at 200 – 300 new links per month, whereas one with 500 links could.) Fill out the form below for a customized “Links Per Month” guarantee.
Integration of our proprietary Golden Thread Link Building Technology™ which obtains links from strong authority and high profile, high PR sites
Manual link requests to related websites
Hand submissions to the top search engines and directories
Link development and Management services to increase your link popularity and rankings
Aggressive “White Hat” Monthly Link Building Campaign
On-Page SEO Optimization      
Google Site Mapping and submission
Yahoo Site Mapping and submission
Expert creation of Title Tags based on initial keyword research
Comment Tags to add weight to your page
Robots.txt file helps improve search engine rankings by providing important information to the search engine bot
Meta tags optimization including title, description and keywords
W3c Validations for Home page (for compliancy)
Human-edited Image Optimization
Comprehensive log file analysis to find exactly where your customers came from, how they moved through your site and where they left it.
Alternate Text Added to Images to increase SEO power
Full Canonicalization (to make sure Google is indexing the correct URL version of your site)
RSS Review to find ways to optimize RSS feeds for SEO
Forward Linking Review to see who you’re linking out to and suggest sites to add or take away from the list
In-depth and custom Web Page Interlinking Plan to optimize your internal linking and dramatically increase your rank and traffic for long-tail keywords
URL Optimization
Broken pages removed or linked
Content heading optimization
Header Tags Optimized (H1, H2 etc)
Duplicate content analysis
A list of recommendations by our highly trained SEO Specialists for correcting any of your sites’ flaws
Creation of custom 404 error page
Content Creation & Distribution
Foreign Language SEO (We translate your content into a foreign language of your choice and build links while creating powerful content in that language) allowing your business to expand into worldwide markets and rank high on those search terms  
1 Language
3 Languages
RSS feed development for international syndication
Competition Intelligence      
Keyword Research
Initial Search Engine Optimization & Ranking Report
Competition Intelligence-Gathering & Analysis report
Competitor ranking report
Advanced Marketplace Analysis
Web 2.0 & Social Media Strategy      
For each keyword we’ll create multiple web 2.0 properties with top quality content which drastically increases the probability of multiple first page rankings for the same company
Setup & monitor Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, if desired
Public Relations      
Press Releases written by our skilled and experienced writers per month, and distributed across a vast network of news and media outlet sites
Project Management & Reporting      
Online access to reports via a secure web login
Dedicated SEO Manager
Website Traffic Analysis via Google Analytics
Conversion Tracking via Google Analytics
Business Growth & Expansion      
Full Service Technical Support
For Multiple Product E-Commerce Sites: Shopping Site Auto Submissions to Biz Rate, Froogle, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, Shop.com, Shopping.com, etc. (requires account set up)
Personalized Monthly SEO Consultation from our full staff of SEO Masterminds
Submit and / or optimize business listings in Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local
Web-based Multimedia Creation & SEO      
Video (2 to 3 minutes long) – these are great for short advertisements, product announcements, testimonials, short product demos, product Launch teasers or overall publicity for your business  
Video submission and distribution to all major online video outlets, as well as Video SEO on all videos we create for you    
10% off some of our other special services, including Video Creation, VIP Signature Marketing and Presentation PDF, Book Creation and Info Product Creation    

See Email Form Below For Custom Quote

See Email Form Below For Custom Quote See Email Form Below For Custom Quote

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packages beyond what you see here. Simply email us and tell us what
you have in mind and 
we will work with you to create a
powerful combination that fits you perfectly!


“As a Notary Public in Louisiana, I’ve personally witnessed Eliseon’s ability to take a new and unknown e-commerce website and within a year, bring it to nearly a million dollar income!” – Cynthia Gail


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