ChiroGeddon in Arlington Texas



Each month 3,600 people in Arlington, Texas, search for a local chiropractor online!



The 3 chiropractors circled above are hoarding 60% of all Arlington’s chiropractic clients, leaving you fighting just to survive.



If you were the top name on the above list, you’d be getting as many 1,332 visitors to your chiropractic site right now.



If you were #2 on that list, you’d drop down to only 432 locals checking out your site.



If you made it to #3, you could still get as many as  324 visitors!



Anything less than the top 5 and you might

as well not even be listed.


Why should you care?


Because no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore – it’s extinct; a dinosaur.  

Now everyone uses their computers and smart phones to search online for what they need. If they need a chiro, they type in “Chiropractor in Arlington” and BOOM! the best ones are right there on top.

But they don’t know that it’s not necessarily the “best” that make it to the top – in reality it’s the ones that are smart and know how to land that coveted #1 spot.




The Chiropractors that will Dominate 

in the Arlington Area are Those Savvy 

Enough to Have Someone on Their

Team Skilled in Harnessing the Power

of Today’s Online Tools

to Their Advantage


Powerful tools such as:


 Google’s Local Search and SEO


 Link building


 Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn


 Google Plus


 Google Places






 Mobile Marketing


…to their advantage. 

Those “lucky” chiros are the ones that breeze to the top and are the first ones to be called when someone is looking for a chiropractor near them.

And as you can see, if you’re not on top, you’re losing the battle and all your clients are going to someone else. Some other chiropractor is pocketing the money and living the good life, while you struggle to make ends meet and spend thousands on methods of advertising that give you nothing in return – no way to track results and no visible return on your investment.


Here’s the cold hard facts:

Each year, 2500 – 4000 new chiropractors graduate and start looking for clients.

A majority of these new chiros set up shop in the same city as the school they just graduated from. That’s a LOT of competition flooding in year after year, with no end in sight.

And within 5 years, over 50% of these chiropractors will have given up and quit – mostly from lack of consistent new clients.


Another painful truth?

Most chiropractors have to fight – even steal – clients from other hard-working chiros just to make ends meet.

It’s a fight to the death to succeed.

Welcome to “Chiro-GeddonTM

No Wimps Allowed at the Top


Where it’s each chiropractor for themselves – may the best doctor win and “take no prisoners” is the standing order of the day.

Chiro-Geddon is the battle to be on top in the local search results in your city. You have tons of chiropractors in your local area fighting for top placement on Google’s first page. And it’s a bloody battle full of casualties – if you’re not aggressive and proactive, your practice may be the next one to fall.

When it comes to Google Local Search Results, there really is only ONE WINNER.

If you’re not one of the top 5 “organic links” (and not a paid advertisement), then you’re losing the war.




“So why the flip should this matter me?” you ask…


Here’s the Score…


The Chiropractor that is listed on the top of Google’s

Arlington Chiropractor” search results gets 37% of

ALL the traffic. That means they get an average

of 1,332 new visitors each month!

Can we say *WINNING*?!


The #2 Chiropractor on this list?

As much as 12% – which means as many as 432 new eyes see their site each month!


The #3 Chiropractor on this list?

9% …that’s 324 new potential clients – nothing to sneeze at!


The #4 Chiropractor on this list?

A close run to #3 at  8% – which is 288 new visitors!!


And #5?

6% – No chiropractor in their right mind would turn that down… That’s 216 new visitors each month!!!


*A single new patient can be worth $1,000 – $3,000 per year.

If you were able to bring in 3 – 8 new patients each month, you could easily make an additional $100,000 in just one year! 

Only you know how many new monthly patients your clinic needs in order to be the success you dreamed it would be when you opened it up, and luckily now you know what you need to do in order to make that happen….


Simply fill out the Quick Response Form below for a Free No-Obligation consultation that will tell you what your clinic needs to do in order to dominate in the Arlington, Texas area.



Why is Local Search Is THE Online Force

that Will Either Skyrocket Your Practice

to New Heights of Success…


…or Make You a Has-Been?


Because over 35% of ALL searches online are LOCAL. Doesn’t sound like much, but in any given month there’s an estimated 15 BILLION searches conducted – 35% of that is approximately 5 BILLION LOCAL SEARCHES.

Yes indeed.

And by Local Search, we’re talking about when a person goes to Google (or any search engine) and types their city and a product or service, such as “Arlington Chiropractor”.

Local is where it’s at – over 70% of American households use the internet to shop for local products and services.

And according to TMP Directional Marketing, people who use Local Search to find Local Businesses take action – 61% of those searching online go offline to purchase the product/service they wanted.

It’s more important to be in the top 5 on Google now than it ever was… with thousands of new chiropractors entering the market each year (you can bet some of those are headed your way – one of our clients has 2 competing chiros on the same street as his practice!), you have to be prepared to pull out all the stops, use all the secret weapons in your arsenal to get new loyal clients.


And we’re your secret weapon.


When someone needs adjustment or relief

from pain, they go to a Chiropractor…



… But when Chiropractors need

someone to fight the Google war on

their behalf, and handle the plethora

of details needed to Dominate

Local Search Consistently…


…they come to US.


Because we’re the best at what we do, just like you are.

We take on the tedious and time-consuming burden of Setting up and optimizing your Google Places and Yelp account, Google Plus for business, Social Media properties like Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube, and much more, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Your number one concern is treating your patients – and that’s all you should have to focus on! We take care of the rest so you can relax and watch your business grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams!


At Eliseon:

 We’ve been in marketing for over 10 years – we know our stuff!

 We use powerful SEO (search engine optimization) and link-building strategies to build traffic to your website and increase your rankings in  Google.

 We help you get reviews on your Google Places page and Yelp that boost you above your competition and set you apart in the minds of your potential clients.

 We set up, optimize, monitor and maintain all of your multiple social media properties – Google Plus, YouTube, Google Places, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others – so you are free to focus on what really matters to you. This is absolutely essential when reaching out to potential patients in your area!

 We can help you connect with other professionals in the health and law field, so you can bring in more clients and increase your income through exciting referral programs.

 We create exciting, unique and professional multimedia, such as videos and stunning PDFs, to target all of Arlington and let them know you are there when they need them.

 We can help you take the leap into Mobile Marketing and reach your clients where they spend the majority of their time – on their smartphones! 

 We coach you, help you with ideas and advice, and show you how to get the most out of your advertising dollars. 

Whatever you need, we can help. We specialize in helping Chiropractors  just like you grow their business and expand in ways they’ve never thought of. It’s what we do best. 



Our Clients range from small-town Chiropractors to industry leaders in insanely competitive fields, and here’s what they have to say about working with Eliseon:


Dr. Glenn J. Waldt, MS, DC (Chiropractor & Financial Consultant, and
“Your marketing and communications have a  power to them and make a memorable impact and you care enough to respond thoughtfully to my questions and you gladly provide impromptu guidance as I need it. This means a lot to me. Also, I’m impressed with how quickly you do your work – I love my website! It looks great. Oh, I’ve had a couple new patients come into our office recently and comment that they found our office online and that we are #1 when they did their google search. They also commented on the 14 reviews we have posted online. Thanks so much for all your efforts.” 


Chris Lang (Mobile Marketing Specialist,
“Eliseon rocketed my website to the first page of Google – something I struggled in doing for over 2 years. It only took them 2 weeks!” 



 Tom Vizzini (Essential Skills: Leaders in Personal Development Coaching in the US and UK –
“I recommend Eliseon. They really know what they are doing and have a great package for building massive web presence.” 



So Who Wants to be a Dominant Force

in Arlington’s Local Chiropractic Search

Results and Funnel a Huge Slice of

Those 3,600 People Looking for

Treatment Into Their Clinic?


If you’re ready to be one of the top Chiropractors in Arlington, simply fill out the Quick Response Form below for a Free No-Obligation consultation via email that will tell you what your clinic needs to do in order to dominate in the Arlington, Texas area.

Who wants to double or triple their exposure
and their clientele?

Of course you do!


But we only take up to 5 chiropractors PER CITY, so you can be sure that all our focus goes to putting YOU in the top 5 in Arlington’s local chiropractic search results. We create a Custom Battle Plan that includes strategic moves in social media, local search engine marketing, mobile search, Google Places (and much more) to aggressively take command of your local market and crush your competition.

No prisoners.

No survivors.

Only a chosen few can dominate in Arlington… Why shouldn’t  YOU be one?!

Let us fight to the death for you, while you do what you do best – treat your patients.


Contact us today to get on the winning side and conquer your city.


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Only you know how many new monthly patients your clinic needs in order to be the success you dreamed it would be when you opened it up, and luckily now you know what you need to do in order to make that happen...

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