Chirogeddon in Austin Texas


Here’s the cold hard facts:

Each year, 2500 – 4000 new chiropractors graduate and start looking for patient.

A majority of these new chiros set up shop in the same city as the school they just graduated from. That’s a LOT of competition flooding in year after year, with no end in sight.

And within 5 years, over 50% of these chiropractors will have given up and quit – mostly from lack of consistent new patients signing up for long term treatment and healing plans.




Each month 9,900 people in Austin, Texas, search for a local chiropractor online!



The 3 chiropractors circled above are hoarding 60% of all Austin’s chiropractic clients, leaving you fighting just to survive.



If you were the top name on the above list, you’d be getting as many 3,663 visitors to your chiropractic site right now.



If you were #2 on that list, you’d drop down to only 1,188 locals checking out your site, but that’s still tons of new traffic!



If you made it to #3, you could still get as many as 891 visitors! 




What if only 10 of these visitors to your site each month turned into long term patients?

Just 10 new patients per month could add up to over $120,000 a year in FRESH NEW INCOME for your clinic.

But  you won’t reach most of these potential new patients with traditional advertising. The Yellow Pages is “old news” and no one pays attention to little newspaper ads anymore. Now everyone uses their computers and smart phones to search online for what they need. If they need a chiro, they type in “Chiropractor in Austin” and BOOM! the best ones are right there on top for them to choose from.

Over 35% of ALL searches online are LOCAL. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but in any given month there’s an estimated 15 BILLION searches conducted – 35% of that is approximately 5 BILLION LOCAL SEARCHES.

Yes indeed.

And by Local Search, we’re talking about when a person goes to Google (or any search engine) and types their city and a product or service, such as “Austin Chiropractor”.

Local is where it’s at – over 70% of American households use the internet to shop for local products and services.

 People who use Local Search to find Local Businesses take action61% of those searching online go offline to purchase the product/service they wanted.

It’s more important to be in The top 3 on Google now than it ever was… with thousands of new chiropractors entering the market each year (you can bet some of those are headed your way – one of our clients has 2 competing chiros on the same street as his practice!), you have to be prepared to pull out all the stops, use all the secret weapons in your arsenal to get new loyal patients.


You shouldn’t have to put the healing of your patients on hold, while you try to take on the overwhelming job of ‘marketing master’ in order to grow your practice. 

Let the pros do it for you, because your one and only job should be caring for your patients and leading them on a healing journey from pain to rejuvenation and vitality!



When someone in Austin needs adjustment or relief from pain, they go to YOU

…But when Chiropractors need someone to fight the Google war on their behalf, and handle the plethora of details needed to Dominate Local Search Consistently – they come to US.


Because we’re the best at what we do, just like you are.

We take on the tedious and time-consuming burden of Setting up and optimizing your Google Places and Yelp account, Google Plus for business, Social Media properties like Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube, and much more, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Your number one concern is treating your patients; healing their pain and relieving their stress – and that’s all you should have to focus on!

We take care of the rest so you can relax and watch your business grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams!


About Eliseon…

We could take this space to talk about how we’ve been in marketing for over 10 years and studied under the best in the biz, and how we’re dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of all the latest and most powerful methods of social media domination and local search engine marketing to keep our clients ranking on top of Google. We could even tell you about our persuasive sales copywriting team that has helped make ordinary people into millionaires, our writers who have penned 3 NY Times bestsellers, and even our stellar design team lead by an Italian phenom that turns average pieces true works of art.

But we’d rather let some of our clients tell you in their own words…


But we only take 1- 2 chiropractors PER CITY, so you can be sure that all our focus goes to putting YOU in the Top 3 in Austin’s local chiropractic search results. We create a Custom Battle Plan that includes strategic moves in social media, local search engine marketing, mobile search, Google Places (and much more) to aggressively take command of your local market and crush your competition.

No prisoners. No survivors.

Only a chosen few can dominate in Austin… Why shouldn’t YOU be one?!

Let us fight to the death for you, while you do what you do best – treat and heal your patients.


Contact us today to get on the winning side and conquer your city.


Please read before you request your personalized consult below…

We’re not in this to have thousands of nameless clients – we’re in this to work with a select few chiropractors one-on-one to help them experience a level of success and joy they didn’t know would be possible. We usually work on a referral basis only and we rarely advertise.

This is why we ask that you only contact us if you’re truly serious about growing your practice and are ready to take the next step in dominating Austin and getting to the top of Google so you can be seen by every person searching for a chiropractor in your area.

This means using an email address below that you check daily and can reply back to quickly. Why? Becauce nothing kills momentum faster than playing a time-wasting game of “email tag”! So when we contact you back and share our detailed findings on how you currently rank and what we will do to take you to the top, we look forward to a prompt response so we can get started bringing in new patients to your clinic right away!


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