“Readers subscribe to blogs when they provide an informational or entertainment value so great that it would be a loss to not subscribe to it.”Maki


Is Your Blog Starving Your Audience to Death?

Are they wilting and withering away from lack of sustenance and meaty content?
Are you feeding them informational junk food?


If you starve them, they will leave for greener pastures. They will find their support, leadership and energetic fuel from another source….perhaps they will find it in one of your competitors instead?

Don’t let them waste away and leave – keep them enthralled, nourished and on the edge of their seat with anticipation and you will have a loyal community of like-minded people you can count on, and that count on you.

But to do that, you need the “perfect blog”.

Is your business blog effective?

What does it take to create and build the perfect blog? Something special, that’s for sure. It’s a tricky thing, these blogs….they have to be exciting, interesting, intriguing, educational and full of fresh and filling meat. They need to inspire, motivate, create a connection, pave a path to the soul and heart of the blogger – which is, in this case – YOU!

Almost every business out there could benefit from a blog that is centered around what they do and offer, as well as the clients and the topics and concerns that are most important to them.

But herein lies the problem…well, several problems, actually:

  1. Most people don’t know what their audience TRULY longs to hear about…
  2. Most people don’t even know exactly WHO their perfect audience is! (See Book Writing Service)
  3. If they actually figure out the above two things, then they don’t have the time, energy, skill or vast knowledge base to write the type of posts their audience craves on a consistent basis.
  4. And when all else fails, they fill their blog with sales pitches and useless, rehashed ‘pigwaffle’


And this is where most bloggers – and therefore most blogs – fail miserably. Meaning they don’t produce the powerful results they are truly capable of.

This is also how we swoop in to save the day for bloggers and even Book Ghostwriters.

Who is your perfect blog audience?

Through thorough research and conversation we help you dig deep to find out who your perfect blog audience is – the ones you are most synergistic with and who need and want what you have to offer – and then we find out what appeals to them and attracts them. We find out what they believe in, what they value and what moves them to action. What are their goals? What do they fear, worry about or have unanswered questions about?

Then we find those same values and common ground in your business and show them, through powerful writing that speaks their language, that you share a similar vision and goal and that by becoming an active member in your online community and absorbing all the great things you have to offer them, you can can help them achieve their own goals and become a better and more fulfilled person.

And instead of just grabbing some keywords or generic topics and writing bland posts based on those keywords, we go way beyond and actually find the similarities and synergy between you and your perfect blog audience and we show them how your business – and your blog – can help them grow, expand and change their life in ways they didn’t know were possible.

In each blog post that we lovingly and skillfully craft, we pack it with so much value and goodness that it automatically sets you apart from the competition and you take a place of authority, leadership and source of fulfillment in their minds. You are the go-to business – the one that makes them feel good. The one that actually cares about them.

And this is what we help you do – in fact, we do it FOR YOU.

So whether you have a blog full of Pigwaffle, or no business blog at all, we’re here to help.



So, Does Your Blog Taste Like

Because most blogs do.


Is your site full of useless Pigwaffle?

What is Pigwaffle, you say?

It’s plain old mooshed pork goo, dressed up with butter and syrup or maybe some fruit compote  – but in reality it’s still just bland mooshed pork…in a nifty little waffle pattern.

And if it looks like mooshed pork, smells like mooshed pork, and tastes like mooshed pork….it’s Pigwaffle.

No one wants a website full of Pigwaffle and no one in their right minds would subscribe to a Pigwaffled blog. It doesn’t offer anything of value…just mooshy goo in a pretty pattern.

And just because you add some prettiness to Pigwaffle doesn’t make it steak. In other words, adding pretty pictures to your content doesn’t make it valuable content and worth reading.



6 Sure Signs Your Site is Pigwaffled

  • It’s full of dull, boring jibberjabber instead of posts that Educate, Encourage & Empower readers
  • Rehashed headlines (taken from other sites that have excellent non-pigwaffled content), but without the powerful message to back it up
  • Site is littered with PLR or spun articles, posts and content that offers nothing new, refreshing, exciting or innovative
  • There’s no clear voice that shines consistently throughout all the posts and conversations – no authenticity, transparency, sincerity or personality
  • Blogs that haven’t been updated in weeks or months and only get new content when the owner is bored or feels guilty for not posting in a while
  • Lack of comments, feedback and community interaction



Oh, #@%*! You’ve got Pigwaffle…
So what does this mean for you?

It means you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you…if you plan on doing it all yourself.


Tired of spending your precious hours blogging?

But who really has the time? The energy? The endless stream of coherent thoughts lined up one after the other, day after day?

Most entrepreneurs don’t…unless of course their business IS their blog. But chances are, that’s not you.

We’re betting you have more important things to do than spend hours of your already-too-short day pecking away at the keyboard trying to write something funny, witty, educational and entertaining in one fell swoop.

But keeping a blog for your business is one of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your market – find out what they think, need, want, fear and love. Get feedback. Share ideas and possibilities. Build rapport. Make a connection.

And people make a connection through common ground; by being transparent, open, honest and sincere. By having a face, a name and a personality to go with the words they are reading – knowing there’s a real human being on the other end who cares how they feel and sincerely wants to help them.

Create a name for yourself and build a loyal following of like-minded people who share your vision and purpose.

Create a connection and engage with your audience through a powerful blog.


But it takes work. Consistency. Passion.

So if blogging isn’t your thing – if you’d rather spend your time doing something (anything) else…then you lucked up.

Our bloggers love to blog...let us do it for you!

Just so happens we here at Eliseon have a slew of dedicated, passionate and thoroughly talented bloggers that do nothing but blog. Incredible, I know! They take one for the team, and they actually love it. Can you imagine???

And they’re good. They’re fast.

They all speak perfect conversational and native English and are downright smart.

They know lots of stuff about lots of stuff, and what they don’t know, they learn!



Want A Dedicated Blogger at Your Beck & Call?

One that will do all the hard work – research, writing, editing & posting – while you sit
back and reap the awesome benefits and power of having your own Business Blog!


We breathe vital life back into your dying blog when it’s on life support and about to code.

Is your blog on Life Support?



It’s ok – we understand how difficult it is to keep your blog alive, fresh and appealing. It can be a heavy burden.

When you choose to let Eliseon take over this burden for you, you’ll be free to enjoy your business, and your life, again!

We’ll handle all the writing, images and publishing – sticking to a natural posting schedule that Google loves, so your site stays highly ranked for your keywords and always has fresh, new content.

Speaking of ranking….of course each blog post will be fully search engine optimized – it’s part of what we do!

You’ll also have your very own dedicated blogger so the style, personality and tone will stay the same throughout your blog. They’ll give your blog a voice that stands out from the crowd. One that is authentic and has a personality, without making excuses.



Don’t Have a Blog Yet? No Worries…

If you don’t already have a blog, we can even set one up FOR you. We will handle the design, layout, on-page SEO and also handle all of the posts and publishing.

We can even help respond to comments from your readers! That way your blog always stays fresh and alive and can start building a community where magic happens and lives are impacted in powerful and positive ways.

Basically, we do it all…so you can have your life back.

Yeah, we know (we hear it all the time!)…you’re totally welcome!


Eliseon is ready to bring your blog to the next level…are you?


Our Powerful, Creative Blog Content Creation Packages start at $475 for 8 skillfully crafted Blog Posts (300 – 500 words each, fully SEO optimized and complete with intriguing images, proofing and editing. Will post 2 fresh and unique blog posts per week to your blog, for a total of 8 per month.)


We can customize your very own Blog Post Creation Package (including combining them with any of our other dizzying array of services) or you can choose one of our convenient pre-designed packages! We also offer Corporate Blog Site Creation, as well as comment moderation and SEO. Just email us below with any questions and to tell us what you desire…

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