“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” – Rudyard Kipling


You Have an Idea for an Amazing Book, and
We Have the Skills to Turn it into a Masterpiece
– In Less Than 90 Days –

Yes you CAN be a best-selling author,
even if you can barely write a grocery list…

…because we do it ALL FOR YOU!

There is an unwritten story in all of us.

A powerful one, that if shared, can encourage, inspire, empower and educate those who are living similar stories at that moment.

Let them know they are not alone.

Lead them to the answer they have been seeking.

Leave a Legacy that will live on long after you’ve gone. Don’t let your life go by without putting to paper what you’ve learned, experienced and discovered. Let others be touched by your words for hundreds and thousands of years to come.


Everyone Has A Story To Tell…What’s Yours?

A story is more than just words, more than just a way of telling your experiences or getting your point across. It can be about anything – life, love, loss, business, personal experiences, beliefs…

It creates a world where all those who have ever tasted even one similar moment as you, will be drawn to it in inexplicable ways.



Stories Unlock Our Past and Foretell Our Future

What does your story say about you?

Stories hold power…so tell your story

It’s the way the Ancient Ones passed down their history and traditions to us. Life lessons. Morals and beliefs. Hope and empowerment. Connection and community. Stories shared by our ancestors while sitting around a bonfire on a clear night filled with the backdrop sounds of crickets, owls and wolves.

Everything we know today comes from a story – someone’s story, whether real or imagined. It’s how we communicate and learn.

It’s how we remember.

But writing a book, telling a story, or teaching a lesson is more than just a way to keep memories alive and give back to others.

It’s also therapy. There’s no greater release and no greater pride or joy. No better way to face your demons and start a new chapter in your life; cleansed, encouraged and renewed with fresh vigor and passion.

It’s  how leaders are made. Lives are changed. Answers given even before the questions are asked.

“Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit.” – Howard Gardner


Being an author of your very own published book has amazing and rewarding benefits you can’t get any other way.

  • You become a leader in your field – an authority figure in the eyes of those that matter (info product creation).

    Eliseon’s Book Writing Service can help make you a leader in your field

  • You now have a name and a face; an Avatar people can bond with. You can now build rapport and connect. You’re no longer just a product or service. No longer just a random website adrift in a vast online ocean.
  • Colleagues will take you more seriously. The right people will want to be affiliated with you, support you, be your partner, share and empower your dream and vision.
  • You can share what you know, what you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned…to all those who are going through what you’ve already been through. You can make a difference in someone’s life – leave your mark.


“The longer we listen to one another – with real attention – the more commonality we will find in all our lives. That is, if we are careful to exchange with one another life stories and not simply opinions.” – Barbara Deming


What are You Willing to Sacrifice
in the Name of Your Story?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about writing a book. You know you have a powerful story inside you that will amaze, empower, educate and inspire people.

Maybe you’ve tried to write it down – put in to cohesive thoughts – or sketched out some ideas here and there on post-it notes and index cards. Perhaps you even have notebooks or computer files filled with writing, but you realize that all these bits and pieces aren’t adding up to the book you have in your head, and it’s just taking up way too much of your time, focus and energy.

It’s ok – it’s not easy. Not when you have to do it alone. Not when you have to spend 6 hours a day, for months or even years, writing down every detail and worrying about trivial things like grammar, punctuation, fragment sentences and flow of the story.

Months of your life you will never get back. Time away from work, family, friends and life. Time spent struggling, frustrated, and under pressure and stress. This price of glory and achievement is often high – too high for most.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

There’s a way you can share your story, teach your lessons, touch the world…without spending even a minute of your precious time writing down a single word.

Eliseon’s “Magic Book Creation Wand”

That’s where we come in.

All you do is share your dream with us – your own special message, whatever it may be – and with one wave of our patented one-of-a-kind “Magic Book Wand”, we make your dream come true. We bring your vital spark to life, in all it’s glory and beauty.

Ok, so maybe it takes more like 3 waves….but the point is that we take on all the responsibility – all the work, blood, sweat, tears and typing – for you.

Leaving you free. Free to enjoy being a prestigious published author without all the months of torture, sacrifice and insanity that is usually required.



We take care of everything with our
Tri-Phase Magic Book Creation System“:

Phase OneResearch & Planning

Deep, thorough and intense.

We research your book topic in every way possible, and from every angle and perspective. We also find out who your perfect reader is and find out what they want to read about, what questions they have, problems they face and solutions they crave. We learn what inspires them, motivates them, intrigues them and empowers them. We dig deep to find out their core values and beliefs. And then we take this extremely valuable and potent knowledge and use it as the foundation of your book, so that when it’s launched, it will hit the bulls-eye and become a huge success.

We go the extra mile here with in-depth interviews (with you and/or other authorities on your topic), online and offline research, references, stories, etc. – everything we need to create the book of your dreams. You’ll play a huge part in this phase as we get to know you, your topic, your views, ideas and goals.

This is where you will we be paired with a brilliant ghostwriter that fits you, your topic and your voice perfectly. With expert questions we’ll draw stories out of you, find the narrative arc to your book, and help you develop your ideas. We will listen to how you express yourself in person or over the phone. We notice the complexity of your sentence structure, your pet phrases, your tone and your personality. Then, as we begin to ghostwrite your book, we’ll create a voice that sounds as if it were yours. (We know that if you’re normally a serious and dignified person, then your voice on the page would be different than if you’re naturally a playful and whimsical person.)

We will help  you see connections, get to the heart of what you want to say, and put everything together in a meaningful, expressive and powerful way.

*This phase usually lasts from 30 – 45 days.


Phase TwoOutline & Storyboarding

We take the mounds of research and information we’ve been gathering and turn it into a clear and precise outline of the bones of your book. We go chapter by chapter, from start to finish, to show you how the story and flow of your book will play out. This is where the excitement really kicks in as the essence of your books starts fleshing out and taking a solid shape.

This is also where we start the design for your book cover. We have a brilliant design team lead by our Italian designer, Nadia – she’s a goddess of design and layout and will create a stunning cover to compliment your story and convey the essence and soul of your book.

*This phase is usually a 2 – 3 week process.


Phase ThreeBreath of Life


Our brilliant writers will ghostwrite your masterpiece

This is the actual birthing process of creating your book – here your talented writer fleshes out the outline into a full-grown book, the very embodiment of your dream and creative spark, and gives it life.

Don’t worry – you’re in amazing hands. Our team of elite core writers includes a prestigious editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories that also wrote several Border’s Best Seller books for other people just like you.

And our writers are amazing. They know just what to write to bring the reader in and open a whole new world to them. Whether it’s about business, personal life story, inspirational or educational – they find the right words and weave them into a spell-binding masterpiece…with your name on it.

*The final phase may take 2 – 4 months, depending on length, complexity and topic of the book.


Ok, so while we may not have an actual, physical ‘Magic Book Wand’, since we do everything for you it will feel like magic when you’re holding your finished book in your hands and inhaling the sweet new-book aroma of success, knowing you didn’t have to do any of the hard work!


Is Eliseon’s Ghostwriting Service Right For You?

If you have a thought in your head – a story, a lesson, an experience or passion you want to share with others who need to hear what you have to say, but you don’t have the free time, energy, focus, skill or desire to write it yourself, then we are here for you.


Whether you want to:

  • Create a Spiritual book to shout a wake-up call to the world
  • Tell the story of your life and build an epic that draws on your observations while entertaining, educating and philosophizing
  • Connect with people experiencing the same challenge so they know they’re not alone
  • Have a book to sell at seminars and through other venues
  • Pre-sell your thoughts and ideas to your market and build a solid reputation and foundation for you and what you have to say and offer
  • Establish yourself as a leader or authority in your field and give credibility, power and presence to what you have to say by being ‘a published author’
  • Start a new business or increase your database of potential clients
  • Build a loyal following of like-minded people
  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Have an extra source of income or take your business to the next level
  • Create a greater awareness of an issue, topic or message
  • Motivate or inspire people to take action on a priority project or goal
  • Expand people’s horizons and give them experiences they’d never have otherwise
  • Prevent trial-and-terror learning and provide a short cut to success and better results
  • Teach others how to acquire a needed skill, improve their lives, expand their knowledge
  • Usher in a new way of thinking
  • Leave a legacy that will outlive you
  • Accomplish something that only a very small percent of the world has done (and get some sweet bragging rights)
  • Just make your mother proud


…we’re here to take that burden from you and make your dream come true.

It will be the best decision you have ever made….a dream come true. Deep personal fulfillment, at last. Your priceless gift to the world.


Are you ready to tell your story?

Are you ready for the world to listen?

Don’t leave your story unwritten.

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” -Toni Morrison


Just fill out the short form below,
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Eliseon will create your personal masterpiece, so you can soar


Eliseon’s Book Creation & Ghostwriting Services start at $15,000 (for a fully completed book by a best-selling top level Ghostwriter) and vary depending on length, topic, amount of research involved and desired turnaround time.

Included in every Book Writing Project is:

  • Uber fancy interactive micro-site to generate leads, send out sample previews of the book and build hype, excitement and anticipation
  • Interactive promotion to our personal opt-in list of up to 2 million people
  • Top-shelf Golden Thread SEO Link Building campaign to your new micro-site
  • We create a Facebook Fan Page for your new book
  • We’ll run a Public Relations campaign, complete with Press Releases and other announcement and advertising avenues


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