“We often get blinded by the forms in which content is produced, rather than the job that the content does.” -Tim O’Reilly


Is Settling for the
“Cheapest Article Writer”
Robbing You Blind?

If your article isn’t powerful, inspiring, intriguing, passionate and connects
with your audience’s core values, then you’ve just wasted your time and money.


The Perfect Article - Myth or Reality?

It’s not a myth – the ‘Perfect Article’ does exist. It’s an article that’s skillfully written to draw in the ‘Perfect Client’ through words written in a language that they not only understand, but also resonate with. It speaks to them – calls out to them, drawing them in and connecting with their vision, goals, core values and beliefs.

It excites, motivates, empowers, encourages, educates and moves them to a better feeling. It inspires – even wills – them to take a desired action. It creates kinship, fosters community and endears them to you with fierce loyalty, devotion and pride.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t. Although it sounds like it is, because the articles you’re used to getting (or writing), truly pale in comparison to the perfect article for your perfect client. That’s because the articles offered elsewhere are typically written from a handful of keywords that sound good and often make perfect sense. They may even be good articles, but they just aren’t effective. They don’t bring in the traffic, links, leads or sales you had hoped. Something’s missing…something important.


Do You Know What’s Missing?

What are you missing?

First, you need to know who your perfect clients are – the ones you dream about getting and working with…the ones that love your product/service and shout it from the rooftops…the ones that come back again and again…the ones that benefit the most from the immense value  you provide for them. The perfect client is one that you can’t wait to wake up and serve. They inspire and excite you as much as you inspire and excite them.

Everyone knows who their average customer is…but that’s not who you want to focus on. Why? Because according to Pareto’s Law, 20% of your clients provide a whopping 80% of your sales. So wouldn’t it be MUCH smarter, faster and more efficient to focus on those 20% right off the bat?

This is what we do best – through research and conversation we help you dig deep to find the perfect clients, the ones you dream about and the ones that will provide the majority of your income and fulfillment, and then we find out what appeals to them and attracts them. We find out what they believe in, what they value and what moves them to action. What are their goals? What do they need to achieve their dreams?

Success is more than money...

Then we find those same values in your business and show them, through powerful writing that speaks their language, that you share a similar vision and goal and that by becoming  your client, you can can help them achieve their own goals and become a better and more fulfilled person.

Instead of just grabbing some keywords and writing content based on those keywords, we go way beyond and actually find the similarities and synergy between you and your perfect clients and we show them how your business can help them grow, expand and change their life in ways they didn’t know were possible.


They Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em…

In each article we craft, we pack it with so much value and goodness that it automatically sets you apart from the competition and you take a place of authority, leadership and source of fulfillment in their minds. You are the go-to business – the one that makes them feel good. The one that actually cares about them.

The articles we write are very different that what you’re used to seeing – and what your clients are used to reading. Most ‘content’ out there is usually a not-so-cleverly disguised sales pitch about a product or service, hidden under lots of fluffy words. It offers no inherent value. No education. No inspiration or empowerment. No real solution…no opportunity for growth.

While a sales pitch definitely has it’s place (i.e. Direct Marketing Copywriting like a Sales Letter or Sales Video), this is not what will draw in your perfect client. It’s not how they will remember you.

Are your clients loyal?

And it’s not what creates mass craving and customer loyalty in your followers.

What they really want is to know what those products or services can do for them – how it can change their lives, solve their problems, free up time, relieve their stress, answer their most haunting questions and ultimately, how it will help improve their lives…help them evolve into better and happier people.

This is the type of article we create – the perfect article to reach your perfect client. And when they see how much value you give them, in exchange they happily and eagerly spend their money with you and give you their loyalty and pass on your name to everyone they know. You now have a community – a tribe of like-minded, passionate, loyal and eager clients that experience true growth and fulfillment from the services and content you provide.

And in return, you are more prosperous, inspired and successful than you ever thought – all while doing less, spending less and wasting less…less energy, less effort, less money and less clients that suck the life out of you and your business.


Not Quite What You Expected, Huh?

You don’t get this type of result from a typical article writing service. You won’t find this kind of passion, perception and dedication from your average freelance writer. No outsourcing company in India has even thought of this.

This is our specialty – our passion. It’s what we do – with every client we work with…every piece of content we lovingly craft.

Our writers are skilled, passionate, insightful and perceptive. They’ve been published in magazines and newspapers, written their own books and have been ghost writers for some of the top best-selling book out there. We love what we do, and it shows.

Let us take the burden off of you and help you clarify, refine and draw the perfect client through the perfect articles that touch them and connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. Help your clients grow and evolve while you experience new levels of passion, excitement, inspiration, freedom, success and fulfillment.

Tell us what we can do for you.


Let us do all the hard work.

We love it. It’s what we do!


Our passion is writing content for your site. We love it!

And we do it well. Very well.


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