“All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.” – Carl Sagan


Are Your Videos Seductive or Stupid?

How would you know?


If your video doesn’t excite your audience, connect with them on a deeper core level, mirror their values and ignite the desire to act, then your video is no more than a useless shiny object collecting dust on the shelf of the world wide web.

You need the perfect video to attract the perfect clients.

The perfect video is one that has a specific focus in an area that your target audience is starving for. It’s a video that’s full of meat – full of value and meaning – and offers them something that they can’t get anywhere else…

Offer solutions to your clients' problems

…Maybe it answers a difficult question they have, offers a powerful and effective solution to a problem that plagues them, or ushers in peace or joy in a way that uplifts, inspires and encourages. Perhaps it’s overflowing with ready-to-use and easy-to-digest information that is a huge value to them or initiates action through motivation and anticipation. It may even be a catalyst for growth, positive change and empowerment.

As long as it’s synergistic to their top core values – connecting with them on a deeper and more meaningful level and providing them with something they need, want and value – then you have the makings for a perfect video that caters to your perfect audience, well, perfectly!

The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t actually know what is of true value to their perfect audience. In fact, most entrepreneurs don’t even know who their perfect audience is!

Don't aim for the wrong target!

What happens is a business owner looks at his market and says ‘I want to target anyone who might ever possibly want to buy this product’ and then automatically (and usually incorrectly) assumes they know what topic or information is of the most value to that audience in order to draw them in and pique their interest. This is how so many business owners lose money and time (like there’s a hole in their pocket!) when it comes to creating powerful and effective video – it always seems to fall flat, and they have no idea why!

Here’s where they went wrong:

  1. They picked too broad of an audience – there’s no way one video will match the values and needs of every single variant and niche in their market.
  2. They don’t know exactly who their Preferred ‘Perfect Client/Perfect Audience’ is.
  3. They don’t know what their Perfect Audience values – what they fear, dream about long for, have unanswered questions about, what moves them, inspires and motivates them to take action, draws them in and builds rapport with them. They don’t ask, or don’t care what their audience needs to be fulfilled – to grow and evolve into better people.
  4. They don’t show how their values and goals match those of their perfect audience, so they don’t stand out any more than the next guy with a video on the same topic or geared towards the same market.

If they do know the answers to the above 4, somehow they still manage to not create a video surrounding those 4 important factors!

The perfect video, simply put, needs to be targeted, overflowing with value, inspire action and be synergistic with the core values and beliefs of it’s target audience.

We know just what questions to ask…

This requires in-depth research, analysis and knowledge of your market, clarification and refinement of who your perfect audience is and the skill to show them how your offer will benefit them in greater ways than just filling a need.

Luckily, this is our specialty. This is what we do.

We know what questions to ask, where to look, who to target and how to target them in a way that draws them to you, hungry for knowledge and eager to join your community and tribe of like-minded people.

Let Eliseon take care of all the hard work and let our specialists create the perfect video to match your perfect audience, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits while we do what it takes to help you succeed.



Eliseon’s Magic Video Creation Wand

Eliseon's Magic Video Creation Wand

Just like our Magic Book Creator Wand, we have a very special ‘Magic Video Creator Wand’ (and it’s sparkly, with gemstones in the handle – just breathtaking!

And, because we own such a marvelous and unique wand, we simply wave it in a tricky little figure 8 pattern and VOILA! We create the perfect video for you!

Ok, so maybe not with an actual wand, but with a magical team of writers, editors, voice over talent, vid techs, designers and some massive brain power, we take everything you’re worrying about, everything you’re frustrated with, everything you have questions and doubts about – and we make all the bad stuff go away and hand you back a beautiful, relevant, professional and creative video you will love and cherish as your very own….one that your perfect audience will love and value and return that value with their loyalty and purchasing power.

Whether you want to use it to:

Bing Video Content created by Eliseon

  • Demonstrate your product or service in real time
  • Teach your audience something important
  • Make them laugh
  • Launch a new line
  • Interviews
  • Sales video to accompany or replace your sales letter
  • Establish authority in your niche
  • Share testimonials and examples
  • Website greeting and company introduction
  • Instructional
  • Inspirational
  • As part of a product or course
  • Start a viral campaign

…it doesn’t matter. We will help you rock it in a way that makes you feel proud and leaves your audience fulfilled and thanking you for the experience.


So Do You Suffer From “Video Envy”?

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banging your head against the desk and yelling out to the Video Gods for answers…

But the good news is – you don’t have to suffer from “Video Envy” ANY MORE!

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