What Are Eliseon’s

Signature VIP Marketing & Presentation Pieces“?

Don’t get suckered in by cheap Link Bait!

First off, let us tell you what they are not. They are not “link bait”.

Link bait is a low-level method most SEO companies use to drive links, no matter how useless and irrelevant, to your site.

What’s funny is that most SEO companies or copywriters charge extra for “link bait” pieces; often two to five times more than regular content! That’s like a restaurant charging extra for food that’s edible. Shouldn’t ALL content be link-worthy?

We’ve pondered this same question ourselves… which is why every single piece of content – every article, post, e-book, and PDF we create, every app we produce, and every idea we birth – is link-worthy. Not just a piece here and there.

After all, every touch point represents your company. Therefore every piece of content should be as amazing and invaluable as the next.

With our content creation and writing services, we aim to create something so fascinating and value-packed that people can’t wait to link to it and share with their friends. The type of content and value that most people would expect to pay for.


We call this content Signature VIPs” – Value-packed, Insightful Pieces.


Our VIP Signature Marketing & Presentation PDFs are like a full-fledged product all by themselves.


Our Signature VIPs are SO much more than link bait. Link bait is just that… bait. True to its name, it’s about as tasty and satisfying as a dead minnow. It aims to “hook the reader” by offering a nibble of information or a promise of something unique, just to get a link.

But 99% of the time link bait doesn’t deliver on its promises. The link is usually worthless and rarely draws in the type of visitors you truly want.

Most link bait is non-nutritious mind candy. Empty calories. It stimulates low-impact energy values in readers and leaves them with no sense of fulfillment or knowledge gained. No lasting sense of reciprocity.

In other words, most link bait is worthless. Smoke and mirrors.



Our Signature VIPs Offer Mental & Emotional Nourishment…

…not Just “Bait”


Eliseon’s Signature VIPs will enchant, empower and enlighten your readers in new and exciting ways

Eliseon’s Signature VIP Marketing and Presentation Pieces, on the other hand, activate the reader’s law of reciprocity because they provide genuine value and insight. VIPs feed readers and stimulate their minds, communicating your core energy to them. Signature VIPs aim to empower the reader and activate his/her higher vibrational energy centers.

Our Signature VIPs are so packed with valuable content and information they could be considered end products in and of themselves. In fact, our VIPs are often saved by the reader and referred to repeatedly, gaining the author (you!) the appreciation and respect of the reader in a whole new way.

Gobs of talent and energy go into creating VIPs. They are designed with maximum visual, mental, energetic (spiritual), and emotional impact in mind. Our VIPs serve as access points into dense marketplaces, funnels into which web users are drawn because of their potent viral nature.

While everything we create falls under the definition of ‘VIP’ (Insightful and Valuable), our pride and joy is what we call our Signature VIP Marketing and Presentation Pieces – truly magical pieces that are larger than life and just scream how magnificent your company is.

Signature VIPs usually take the form of PDFs (most popular and our true “signature” look), ebooks, videos, applications, and other stand-alone pieces that can be sold as up-sells or given as bonuses. They typically exist apart from your main website. To create our Signature VIPs we bring in our über-talented design, writing, layout, and voice talent team.

You will be floored. Guaranteed.