So, What Kind of Great Content Can We Create For You, Today?


Are Your  Words
Seducing or Sedating
Your Audience?

Your Marketplace will only feel as good about you as the quality of your content, 
and the quality of your content relies solely on the amount of value
it provides your audience.


When you give your content creation projects to Eliseon, we make sure your audience gets as much value as they can handle.

How Do We Do That?

Easy…through our holistic approach to everything we do, especially content creation. What do we mean by ‘holistic’?

We know that to attract the perfect client – the loyal one who loves your product/service, shares your vision and values, sends referrals and comes back again and again – then you have to become the type of business that caliber of client is drawn to and wants to do business with.

This is where we come in with our revolutionary holistic approach to both you and your business. We take the extra time, energy and effort to get to know you and work closely with you to define and clarify your vision and values, and then sketch out your perfect client that you want to connect with and attract.

It takes a little digging and a bit of focus, but it’s more than worth it!

Why? Because Clarity = Cash“. The level of clarity you have in yourself and your business is directly equal to the level of cash and success you will experience. It’s really that simple.

And once we have helped you get a much more clear and refined vision and map out your perfect client, then our elite and talented writers will take that all-important knowledge and skillfully craft your content to appeal and resonate with your perfect client – sincerely and effortlessly.

We capture your voice, and the voice of your audience perfectly, and weave a message to inspire, educate, motivate them to take action and connect with them on a deeper level, matching their values with your values and creating a symbiotic and reciprocal bond between them and you.


And once you become a client of Eliseon, you’ll experience the joy of having a lot more days like this in your life – days filled with relief, excitement, anticipation and security knowing you are in the best of hands and fully cared for…



Jesse, our Girl Friday, is up at the crack of dawn – bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and thinking about you. After all, you’re part of the Eliseon family now. And you’re always on our mind.

After sending her three munchkins off to school and downing four cups of Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend, she’s hard at work researching for your very own unique Signature VIP Marketing and Presentation masterpiece.


(What’s Signature VIP? It’s totally unique to Eliseon: a “Value-packed Insightful Piece” – check out the sidebar for details.  —————————-> )


How do you get highly synergistic clients and followers
that believe in your vision, share your passion and purpose,
and want to be a part of everything you do and say?

This one’s gonna be a biggie, she can feel it. “This client’s business is about to skyrocket insanely,” she thinks.

You see, we don’t just throw together some generic, keyboard-hammered word pasta, load it up with keywords and URLs, toss it at the screen and call it a day…


Eliseon createsVisual & Verbal Masterpieces

Persuasive pages packed with purpose. Intent. Insight. Incite.

We create compelling stories through images and words that resonate with your audience.

It’s more than mere content. It’s specially chosen words, written in a way that reaches inside the reader, connects with their soul and brings them into a powerful and amazing experience with you.

Our talented writers go far beyond just writing an interesting article or blog post…they make sure your authentic and compelling voice shines through.

Our content engages your audience, because it’s created through the eyes of your customers – the people that you’re actually trying to influence and connect with. We have a conversation with them, instead of talking at them.

Our compelling Wordsmiths are well-versed in how to tell a story using words and images, and they understand how to create content that draws an audience in – makes a connection and resonates truth with them.

And it is all about the story…the story of you – your company, your product or service, your passion and purpose – a story that human beings on any level can relate to, are interested in reading, are compelled by, will remember, and will ultimately act upon.


How Do We Do This?


We create synergistic content.

Our team takes the time to evaluate your area of expertise, refine your message and find the way to speak to your audience and match their core vision with yours. This is the way you get highly synergistic clients and followers that believe in your vision, share your passion and purpose, and want to be a part of everything you do and say.

Not by bribing, baiting, trickery or hype…but by real connections on a deeper level with like-minded people who crave what you are sharing.

To paraphrase a popular Social Media guru, “It’s not just about getting more traffic; it’s about getting more traffic that actually gives a crap.” It’s about meeting your customers where they are and giving them what they truly want and need, and in turn, they give you what you want and need…

Value. Loyalty. Passion. Commitment. Connections. Purpose. Intent.

That’s how we do it. That’s why we do it.

You know what that means…it means we don’t cut corners. Jesse and the rest of the team know every client is family and we would never cheap out by using rehashed, spun, or “scraped” content. We care too much to do that. So rest assured your VIP content will be 100% original and fabulous.

Two more cups of coffee and a toasted croissant later, Jesse has the research is done. The bones of the creation have been assembled so the layers of written flesh can be added.

Relief. Excitement. Freedom. This is what Eliseon gives you.

Bursting with excitement, she fires off a quick email asking you to look over the proposed outline before the fleshing-out begins.

You open her email and by the sheer energy of her words, you can feel how thrilled she is about what we’re creating for you.

As you peruse the outline, two powerful emotions wash over you in waves.

One is excitement. The other, sweet relief.

Had it fallen on your shoulders to create this piece, why, it might never have gotten done. At least not this well. And if it had, Family Night and your golf score would have suffered tremendously.

You grow even more thrilled as Jesse describes our strategy for distributing your VIP and introduces you to the other elite team members who will be pouring their hearts and talents into your VIP project…


You Get Your Very Own Dedicated
‘Mod Squad’
of Creative Talent


Content Writer & Editor – Andy


“Andy is head of our elite creative writing team. He will paint a masterpiece with words – he’s like the Picasso of Content; one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul editors I told you about… (And don’t tell him I said this because he doesn’t like to brag, but if you catch him after a single-malt or two, he might admit he’s been the ghostwriter for Borders and Amazon Bestsellers… he just won’t tell you who he wrote them for!)”

You let out a huge sigh of relief… no offshore-writers-trying-to-learn-English working on your content. Not gonna happen.

But you knew that already; that was one of the many things that hooked you on Eliseon in the first place – their dedication to creating and distributing all-original and totally passionate content.

You know how important content is and you wouldn’t trust just anybody to do it.

You want the best.

So you got the best.


Jesse’s email continues…

Content Designer & Layout Artist – Nadia


“And Nadia, oh my… One of the best designers out there. Think it’s because she’s Italian (they have a certain flair for the dramatic, you know) and owns a high-end clothing company? Well she’s the head genius on our talented design team who created our Tales of Power and Product Launch Judgment Day “Signature VIP” series. Her content creations turn heads like that little sheer black dress she sells. Mmm….”


Video Content Guy – Frank


“Oh, and Frankie D. (along with his brilliant canine assistant, Pipo) and his brilliant video design team – They’re going to work their Hollywood Magic with the video promo I was telling you about last Friday… The one you went crazy for because it’s unlike anything else out there, remember?”

Of course you remember! How could you forget? The ideas we described had you salivating… Nobody will expect something like this… Sheer brilliance! And it will have your name on it!


Boss #1 and Boss #2…

“And then of course there are the Wizards behind the curtain – Boss #1 and Boss #2 – the brains and fun behind the whole operation. They just make it all come together so seamlessly, you know? They’re kinda like the glue. In fact, they were just telling me about some ideas they want to run by you later – a possible iPhone App for your clients and a book idea they’ve been toying with that would give you that extra jolt of credibility and authority.”

“Oh, and tomorrow I’ll send over the first draft of your newsletter, blog posts, and the rockin’ press release we’ve been working on for you. They look good (if I do say so myself!)”

Ten minutes later, as you close Jesse’s email, you realize that what would have taken you ten weeks to accomplish on your own is all being done FOR you – you never have to lift a finger or a pen.

Which means…FREEDOM

…You call your wife, who is speechless with shock and surprise when you tell her you CAN take her to see Giselle tonight (the ballet all her friends are raving about – she’ll smother you in kisses and won’t stop bragging about the amazing man she married).

Oh, and now your schedule is clear to tee-off Friday morning with that big potential client you’ve had your eye on for the past month. (He’ll wonder how you have the time – you must be so organized!)

And, hey, you can spend the rest of this week refining that new product line you’ve been trying to launch. (Hey wait a minute, doesn’t Eliseon help with that, too?)

Schedule your vacation in Tahiti, because you are FREE!

As you pencil in that vacation to Tahiti you’ve been dying to take, you can’t help thinking that if this is what Eliseon does with content, how might they help with everything else you’ve been worrying about?

Copywriting Guru – Mike

…Like that sales letter (shudder) you’ve been putting off. Didn’t Jesse say they had a master wordsmith who specializes in sales letters?

Yup… Mike – the one who wrote for the model Gisele Bündchen and Agora Publishing. Oh wow, wouldn’t that be a huge weight off your shoulders?!

You make a note to email Jesse about getting started on that right away.

You can’t help thinking to yourself, “This is fun! What else can I get Eliseon to do for me?”

You sit back, enveloped in a sense of total peace and relief, knowing everything is being taken care of by a team as passionate about your business as you are…a team that understands what you do, how it can help others and how to reflect that message in everything they do for you. Something you haven’t found anywhere else.

…and then you realize something. Something amazing.

Don’t let them grow up without you – be there for them

You have your life back.

You are free.

Free to enjoy the lifestyle you work so hard to create.

Free to watch your children grow up and to be a powerful, positive presence in their lives.

Free to enjoy your business and clients again. Like the old days.

You can’t wait to wake up and change the world, one client at a time.

You’ve got your passion back.

And you realize you can’t put a price on that.

Are you ready to be free?