About Us: The Revolution

I Believe…

…A New Era in the way we think about and practice business and marketing has begun, and is rapidly gaining a massive momentum. Back at the beginning of the new millennium, what I call “Low Harmonic” businesses began shaking up, crumbling and dying a slow public death. Dirty laundry was finally aired for the world to see…billions of dollars were pilfered and the once solid financial Icons fell into permanent and utter ruin.

This cleansing wave of change is now flowing into all corners of small business – from Affiliate Marketers to sole proprietors and even brand new companies – and seemingly grows in strength by the day. Sadly, most Affiliate and Online Marketers are financially starving, so long-enduring business growth ideas with real meat in them – the ones that empower and teach – have been replaced with weekly high-pressure $1,997 product launches of such little substance, but they each claim to be the “only” system you’ll need, while just the week before, the head of that very product launch was incestuously promoting his “buddy’s” nearly $2,000 product as being (of course) all you need to succeed. And in a week it starts all over again.

They don’t care about us…and soon they will be faced with a choice: They’ll either change the way they conduct business and start “serving” their markets by doing what’s best for their followers and not just their bank account balance – or their business will follow in the footsteps of their giant counterparts and go down in history (in flames).

I say “Good…let them fall! More wood for the fires of the radical Business Revolution that is underway!”

I Believe there is a better way…I truly Believe you can serve your market by becoming their Avatar of Value Fulfillment and still profit immensely in the process.

If you are ready for something greater and your mind is open to markedly new ideas and ways of fulfilling your wildest financial dreams while helping others achieve the same, then come and join the revolution!

Be an Icon…be a beacon of radical change.



See, this is what I’ve been passionately
working on for the past year…

I’ve assembled a team of true Rock Stars – Masters of their Craft – to help me carry out my vision; the vision that was born in me after my close call with death…

…A vision to help other entrepreneurs and companies grow and expand by aligning with high-vibrational principles and using proven, powerful and results-driven marketing and advertising techniques geared towards helping their prospects and customers evolve.

So, really…my dream and vision, is about You!

But it’s not just traditional marketing…it’s Marketing With Intent(TM).


It’s All About…Intention

Intent to inspire, empower, educate and connect with your customers on a level that creates loyalty, breeds excitement and fosters a shared passion and vision that goes so much deeper than the hype and pressure they are accustomed to.

Over the years we have watched thousands of entrepreneurs spend tens of thousands of dollars on product launch courses, social media, SEO and traffic-building courses…only to end up with cluttered hard drives, fried brains and a whole bunch of nothing implemented.

No results. No growth or expansion.

No new rivers of income gushing into their lives.

The challenge is always the same…there’s just not enough time. There’s not enough of you to go around, and it can be so overwhelmingly frustrating and so unfruitful to try to be everything in every area of your business.

It’s just not possible.

I mean, you hire a lawyer to handle your legal needs, an accountant for your bookkeeping, an IT guy for your technical stuff – you know what you’re best at and what is best left to those who live, eat and breathe their specialty.


A Lesson I Struggled With

This is a lesson that was hard for me to learn, but once I did, it was like the flood gates of success opened wide – and there was no turning back.


Once you let go of having to be everything in every part of your business, you will finally be able to break through the barrier that’s been holding back your growth. It’s immensely relieving and liberating. It’s so exciting!

My passion has now grown into something bigger than me – it’s become my way of getting businesses out of the rut they’ve been stuck in…just spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

Along with my Rock Star Team, I’ll take away the insanity and hysteria you feel by implementing the latest marketing and business growth secrets for your business.


No more buying $3000 courses…

no more stress…

no more fear or guilt.

No more procrastination, and best of all, no more stagnation.



Have it all Done…for You!

Now, have it all done for you – so you can be free to experience new and prosperous growth that will blow your mind and exceed your expectations. This is what I do – I love it. It’s my passion and I’m damn good at it.

Now let me help you find your passion again.