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 Are you struggling to find a way to stand out and
be seen by your local community?
Do you want the respect, money and fame that comes with being
a leading authority in your field?
Are you tired of advertising that doesn’t work and
sales copy that doesn’t convert?
Do you crave a “Hands-Off Approach” to your business?
One where YOU don’t have to do the hard work to get the growth,
expansion and profit you always dreamed of having?
Or have you been lying in bed at night wishing you could run
your own business and be your own boss, 
but you don’t
know where – or even how – to start?


Building and running a successful and energizing business isn’t something you can do alone – but thousands and thousands of businesses fail each year because they try to do it own their own anyway. Nobody can be everything their business needs them to be in order to grow. And if you try, you will inevitably fail.

You may be able to create and maintain a small amount of success and growth in the beginning, but as you grow – as you expand to meet your own dreams and goals and the needs and problems of those you serve, you’ll soon find you can’t do it all.

You can’t be the brains behind the operation masterminding the next great product or service, the bookkeeper, the customer service desk, quality inspector, the tech, the marketer, the writer, the web and graphics designer, the PR team and the worker all in one. No one can do this alone.

And you don’t have to do it alone! Eliseon is here to help take the weight of everyday grunt work off your back so you can focus on the aspects of your business that you love – those wonderful things that made you choose this line of work over everything else in the first place.

The reason so many businesses fail is because their owner’s get swamped with the work of growing their business and often lose sight of what gives them joy and keeps them going.

They don’t have time to deal with the intricacies and details of expansion like setting up social media properties, keyword research, competitor and market analysis, strategic search engine optimization, building and optimizing a website and blog, creating and following a marketing plan, writing out sales copy, designing marketing materials, producing high quality content on a daily and weekly basis such as videos, articles, posts and social media profiles, distributing content and media to specific sites all over the net, building powerful one-way links, creating fresh and exciting ways to bring new clients to their doors…

These things take time, knowledge, skill, dedication and persistenceand that means they take away from the things you already have to do on a daily basis just to maintain the level of business you already have!

For most people, there’s just no way. And that’s why we built Eliseon – to free weary, overwhelmed and overworked business owners from the stress and pressure of being everything in their business.

We can help you breathe again, fall back in love with what you do and remember why you do it. Get the inspiration and motivation back. And get your life back.

Time is money in this world, and it seems there are fewer and fewer hours each day to get things done. Don’t spend your precious time and resources trying to figure it all out. Let us handle that – it’s what we do. Then you can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s why you went into business for yourself in the first place, right?


Let us relieve the pressure by doing what we do best:

  • Google Places and Local Search Optimization – 
    Google Places is absolutely essential to you, because it allows your business to be found quickly when a user searches for a company in your geographic location. It boosts your rankings and gets you FREE  highly-targeted and ready-to-buy traffic.
  • Mobile Search and SMS Marketing
    If you have any type of retail store, then you need a mobile-friendly website and should be taking full advantage of powerful and cutting-edge mobile marketing strategies to increase your business and expand your customer list. Just imagine the immense benefits of offering coupons, recipes, surveys/feedback campaigns, contests, up-to-the-minute sales and notices. The benefits and possibilities are endless!
  • “Golden Thread” Insane Rankings SEO and Link Building Service  
    Eliseon’s aim is to build powerful and synergistic links from top-notch authority and high PR sites back to your site that shoot lightning bolts of electricity to your site, making it explode to the top of the search engines. We also do competitor and market analysis, in-depth keyword and customer buying patterns research, on and off-site optimization for your website, blog and online properties. 
  • “Instant Expert” Book Writing Service
    You know you have a powerful story inside you that will amaze, empower, educate and inspire people, but you just don’t have the time or specific grammatical skill to write it yourself. You don’t have to – we have a team of talented writers and editors that have produced best sellers and we put them to work for you! We’ll even help you get it published and into the hands of your hungry audience. This is one of the best ways to become an “Instant Expert” in your field and get the respect, power and success that comes from being an author.
  • “Info-Product” Creation Service
    Having your very own info-product can revive your business and infuse it with new life and help bring in great clients who share your vision and passion. It can also bring you to a new authority level in your field and add a huge and valuable new stream of income. It can give you the edge you need to finally reach your goals and dreams, while giving back to others in the way you’re best at. We take care of it all, from start to finish – research, analysis, writing, editing, formatting, designing the audio and video presentation, and even distribution. 
  •  “VIP High-Influence” Article and Content Creation
    We create compelling and engaging ‘Cornerstone’ content that’s powerful and information-packed to inspire, motivate, empower, intrigue, educate and ultimately lead to a frenzy of action on your reader’s part. We use psychology, hypnotic writing, metaphors and stories to build rapport and camaraderie with your audience and lead them excitedly down the path you want them to go.
  • “Signature VIP” Marketing and Presentation PDF
    This is one of our favorite services! It’s so unique and fresh that your clients will eat it up and pass it around to all of their friends and family – often leading to a viral sensation you never expected! We take your story – whatever that may be (from business to personal) – and create a POWERFUL and hypnotic marketing piece complete with the highest quality emotionally-pulling images and award-winning design. Use it as as viral marketing or even as an upsell. Stunning. There’s just no other word for it. Ask us for samples and get your story written today!
  • Facebook and Social Media Marketing
    Reach out to your audience where they are…become a part of their community and let them become a part of yours. Build rapport, make a deeper connection, give them better customer service and let them give you feedback on what you do and how you can do it even better. Connect with others in complimentary fields and build partnerships, get affiliates and spread the word about what you do. Get additional links to your site and help your rankings. We set it all up and manage every aspect so you can have a powerful, expansive social empire and presence.
  • “High-Impact” Video Creation – 
    Video is the best way to stand out – inspire, instruct, demonstrate, introduce yourself, tell your story, brag, sell, launch a new line, get attention or corner your market. Whatever you need, we’ll help you rock it in a way that makes you feel proud and leaves your audience fulfilled and thanking you for the experience. We let your genius shine while we do all the hard work for you.
  • “Life-Transforming AVATAR Core Identity Realization Process” – 
    The Avatar Process® is a powerful, intense one-on-one revolutionary coaching program that leads you to find the answers inside yourself that have been alluding you, and clear the blocks, fears and negativity that stand in the way of reaching your dreams. Change your life, bring in new clients, boost your income and get the passion back for what you do by discovering your true identity and purpose for your business. 
  • “ALL-STAR” Direct Marketing Copywriting Service
    Our elite writing team has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for entrepreneurs worldwide by employing powerful, synergistic and closely-guarded sales psychology techniques and weaving them into sales material that leaves your audience in shivers and shakes – ready to jump on board with every fiber of their being.
We do it all for you. You don’t lift a finger. You don’t spend a single restless night worrying about how to grow your business. You don’t have to buy a single do-it-yourself course and spends weeks figuring it all out, just to have the method become outdated before you can even put it into practice. We make it our job to stay on top of the latest techniques, information and ways to grow your business. It’s what we do. So, let us work our magic for you while you relax and fall back in love with your business and your life.

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