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Facebook Marketing: Welcome to the Jungle

I’m sitting here listening to Guns ’N Roses (the original band, of course…with Slash)

“Welcome To The Jungle” is the song.  Trying to build a presence on Facebook can be like that, but I’ve got a ‘machete’ to help you cut your way through the jungle…..

….When creating your Facebook Page, think like a rockstar.

There are several key points to help you do this, all of which I will cover in just a second.  But first sing it with me “Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games….”

Listen, there are about 900 MILLION Facebook Users, and the average user is connected to about 80 (that’s Eight-Zero!) Pages, Events and Groups.  That’s a lot of pages for one user.  So make yours stand tall above the crowd.

“How do I do that?  I’m not a Picasso, or Steve Jobs, I’m just an average dude (with 10 cats)”!  you say

…but trust me, you can be the Rembrandt, Monet or Van Gogh, of the most awesome Facebook page on the planet.

Yes, you can, don’t argue with me!  😉 Well you can, just don’t yell, the voices in my head don’t like it!

Anyway, so here are 10 Awesome Things you can do RIGHT NOW to make your Facebook Page absolutely ROCK:

1.  Make it POP!
Users have a plethora of pages to choose from.  Remember how I said that each user is connected to an average of 80 pages, groups, and events?  Yeah.  You need to rock it out..

…make it loud, colorful, close to the point of obnoxious.  What would Elton John circa 1978 have done?

…if you can answer that, then you have a starting point.

Check out some of these really cool Facebook Pages for an idea.  There are a lot of really great applications that you can utilize to make your pages as cool, wait scratch that, COOLER than these pages.

Also, think of something you can ‘give’ your fans, something that sets you apart from all the other pages clamoring for their attention…..

….you know like how those mile high bangs you KNOW you sported back in the day complete with banana clips, set you apart from the band geeks (no offense to band geeks, I was a band geek), set your page apart from the other pages out there.

Help a brother out.  Can you provide them with resources, information, or advice on specific or related topics? This will help fans want to return to your page, and non-fans become fans.

Use your imagination, but also keep it relevant to your goals for your Facebook presence. You can offer coupons, discounts, have contests…the sky is the limit here! Just ask yourself, what would you want to get…and then give it!

2.  Just say ‘NO’ the “Wall”
Don’t let non-fans land on your wall.  All they are going to see is what so and so said or did, etc.  Direct non-fans to an ‘information’ page.  Something that tells people who you are what your page is about.

It makes new comers feel special, cause you’ve created this landing page with them in mind.

3.  Charity
Let’s be honest, people love to see companies giving back to the community.  So give back.  Give back to your community, or others in your particular field.

This allows people in your community or field that didn’t know about you before to become aware of you and start following you on Facebook.

4.  Bigger is Definitely Better – yes, size does count  😉
Make your pages profile picture larger than life!  Facebook is one of THE largest photo sharing sites on the planet….

…I know a lot of my time on Facebook is spent looking at my friends pictures, especially new ones.

Make your pages picture BIG, use your Brand or Company logo and even include some text on the image that will give them even more reason to stay, play and ‘like’.  This tells people that you are the REAL DEAL and not some poser-wanna-be. Plus it makes you look très cool.

5.  TAG!  You’re It!
Not really, but sorta.  Facebook allows you to ‘tag’ people in photos.  So say you own a landscaping company.  You can take pictures of lawns you’ve developed, upload to your page, then tag the client in the photos.

Facebook notifies users when they have been ‘tagged’ in a photos.  It also notifies their friends.  People will click on that photo, which will bring them to your page.

More publicity….which cost you absolutely nada, zip, zilch, zero!!!

Fans can also upload photos to your page.  This might require some moderation on your part to make sure you don’t get spammed to death….

…like suddenly having an image of Monty Python boy’s singing the “Spam Song” on your business’ Fan Page.

6.  Competition for Prizes
Contests give your fans a reason to keep visiting your page, and referring it to your friends.  It also draws non fans to your page as well.

This can be a very advantageous strategy for your marketing purposes. (use of big words make me feel like I’m in a  Jane Austen novel)…..”Mr.Darcy!”

7.  Mix It Up, Sir Mix-a-Lot!
Take advantage of some of those cool applications out there that allow you to integrate other Social Networking Platforms into your page….

…Digg, Twitter, Blogger, etc., so you can keep track of everything all in one place. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple)

8.  Danke Shöen, Mersi, Grazi, Thank You!
I don’t know about you, but my momma raised me to be polite.  Why should that concept die just because you aren’t ‘meeting’ these fans face to face?

Who said chivalry is dead?  Go ahead  tell users who become fans of your page “Thank You!”   Take it a step further, give them an e-coupon, e-book, or something similar.

This shows users you aren’t just here for the numbers, and will give them more reason to stay a fan, keep coming back to your page and refer your page to their friends.

So go ahead, pull out that old Wayne Newton vinyl, and have your very own Ferris Buehler moment!

9.  The Baby Boomers are on Facebook
Facebook is NOT like MySpace.  Facebook is more adult and is therefore attracting adults.  The fastest growing age group on Facebook is the 55+ age group.

Roughly 29% of users are ages 35-54.  So don’t treat your fans like pre-pubescent teenagers, or drunken college kids, cause most of them probably have grand-kids…..

…on the same train of thought, don’t treat them like they’ve got one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel.  Just keep it adult (in a non-porno sense, of course.)

10.  I’ll Be Back, girly-man! (Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Terminator” & campaign speech)
Don’t create your page, add some fans, then walk away and leave it…..that would be nothing but a colossal waste of your time.

If you can keep involved in your page, updating photos, adding events, doing giveaways, etc.  The return will be well worth it in the end.

In Short, make a Facebook Fan Page that shows the social networking world of Facebook who you are and what you are about.  Show them that you are hip, fresh and relevant.  Be larger than life, and generous.  Keep your fans hooked to your page, make them come back day after day by doing contests, by sharing information or resources that they like, want and need.  And for goodness sake, keep up with your page….

…if you do all this, then you will not have just come through the “Jungle” you will OWN the “Jungle”!

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    By a long shot, one of the best article l have come across on Facebook. I look forward to your future updates.

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