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Facebook Marketing: Miracle, Mystery & Mastery of the Worlds Fastest Growing Social Community

Advertising on Facebook is the way to part the “red sea” of the Internet.  The Internet is like a vast sea of information all at your fingertips….

…all that information is like waves crashing around you, trying to drown you. But wait, there’s some sun starting to rip through those storm clouds…

…that would be me, your modern day Moses (minus the bad hair and clothes), calming the waves and parting the waters….

…showing you how to effectively use Facebook to your advantage.

So I took my kids to the beach so they could get out of the house, and I could get some work done, other than the laundry.  So as I’m sitting there writing up a report, I get an urgent email from a client.

She’s all “I NEED your help Odie!”  Yes, Odie, as in the dog from Garfield.  Been my nickname since childhood, short for Odessa, ya know, but I digress…  Anywho, back to urgent client…

She says “I would really like to use Facebook for my product, but I’m feeling like a goose lost in a hail storm.  My kids use it, my nieces and nephews, hell, even my technically challenged husband has a Facebook profile.  What can I do?!?   How I can make it work for me and my product?”

I looked up at my kids splashing around in the water playing happily, getting bronzed instead of freckles (thank God for answered prayers), and I thought about how the Internet is like the Red Sea….

…we are standing there on the edge of the wilderness, trying to think of way over the sea to the land of milk and honey that is success.  But where is our Moses?  Then it hit me….Advertising on Facebook – that’s our Moses with his wicked staff!

Advertising on Facebook: Your Options

Now, there are several types of advertising options that you can go with on the Facebook platform, which I shall now list for you here [you are very welcome]:

  • Performace Ad:  Cheap & specifically targeted
  • Social Ads:  Best way to drive traffic to your FB Page.  Offer placement in the “News Feed”, easy to track.
  • Engagement Ads:  For advertisers wanting to reach the widest audience, FB has several home page “engagement ads”.  These are available for those who can meet the minumum spend requirement.
  • Social Videos: allow you to upload and share videos from promotion events, viral commercials, etc.
  • Virtual Gifts: sent from home page to friends’ wall feed. (publicly viewed)
  • Event Ads: has RSVP action that is viewable in the “News Feed”
  • Page Ads: designed to drive FB Pages when people become fans, it’s listed beneath the ad for friends to see.
  • Poll Ads: Create a poll that users on Facebook can respond to, great way to get fans to share your page with their friends.

These are the types of ads available to you through the Facebook Platform.  Over the next few posts, I will delve deeper into each of these type of ads, how to set them up, which are the most effective, and so on and so forth.  But for now, I just want to focus on expounding on why advertising on Facebook is a good thing.

Traditional Marketing vs. D.I.Y with Facebook Ads

I’m trying to help my client save money, time and grow her company.  The cost factor varies for each type of ad, and how you want to market your ads – the logistics, which we will get to in a few.

It is possible to save money using Facebook instead of going with the more traditional route of hiring a marketing firm….

…and just think with all that extra money saved, they might take me out for a great tasting steak.  I’m a total carnivore – just in case anyone out there would like to take me to a well deserved dinner!

I’m the type of person that when I commit to a person, project I’m 110% on board.  Using Facebook makes my job easier and faster, thereby making my clients happier.

Now on to the logistics I was talking about.  Obviously by using Facebook I am able to market on a global scale, but the cool thing about using the advertising options available on Facebook, is that I can use a demographic interface to specifically target users’ profiles based on their location, age, gender, occupation, income, etc.

On top of that you make some new friends in the process, and who knows, maybe one of those friends you make on Facebook is a distributor in another country!  ROAD TRIP!  I love a good road trip, especially when that trip will end in making more money which means a lot more fruit roll-up for my little monkeys!

If you are technically challenged and aren’t sure how to go about advertising on Facebook, then stick with me for the next several posts. I’ll show you step-by-step how to create and run ads on Facebook.

Now I’m helping my client create some killer ads that will help promote her product the world over through the coolness factor that is Facebook.  I love Facebook!  I’m saying good-bye for now, so that I can get back to creating some killer Facebook ads!

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