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Glass.net Windshield Replacement Quotes Site-wide Conversion Optimization Results

What if you could take the current amount of traffic you’re getting to your website or ads, and double or even triple the amount of money you make…without having to pay for additional traffic?

That’s the power of Conversion – increasing the amount of visitors that turn into leads, and leads that turn into customers, clients and ultimately money…all through constant and diligent split testing every aspect of your website from copy and images to positioning, colors, and button text.

It’s one of the main ways we help our clients, and in fact we’re working with a national company right now to increase their conversion rates. And in just a minute I will tell you how we’re helping the, and give you some tips and tricks for getting a higher conversion in 2015!

But first, let me introduce you to one of our awesome clients – www.Glass.net. They are the nation’s leading online auto glass marketplace. They are managed by Honex Interactive Industries, LLC., and offer a unique and much needed online solution for people looking to replace their windshield quickly, cheaply, and professionally. They have created an innovative quote comparison tool that empowers consumers with instant (unbiased) auto glass replacement quotes from qualified independent local replacement service installers.

Each quote shows vital information such as:

  • Your exclusive online DISCOUNTED quote (only available through Glass.net)
  • Whether the shops are ready to accept your insurance as payment
  • A direct toll-free number for each shop
  • If the shops are industry certified
  • If they offer same day, weekend, and mobile service
  • What other customers in your area are saying about them (with valuable customer-generated reviews)
  • What kind of glass they use
  • If they guarantee their installation

They stand out above all others out there, but often you need more than just a great site or brilliant product/service to succeed. It usually comes down to a combination of traffic and conversion. Getting qualified traffic to your site and converting as many of those visitors as possible into customers, quickly and efficiently. The more you convert, the more money you make.

The great thing about conversion testing and optimization is that even small changes can yield massive results.

Take what we did with Glass.net for example…

We rewrote their organic listing descriptions. These are the titles and descriptions of your website and individual pages that naturally show up in Google with your results. Take Glass.net’s description, for example:

Now most people leave this part up to Google or even their site template to fill out automatically. But this is the worst thing you could do, since you don’t know what is being said, where it will pull the information from, or if it’s even relevant and compelling.The problem with that is if your site title and description are boring or not converting properly, your listing in Google will get fewer clicks than all the other listings on that page. This is BAD because Google is constantly rotating listings and testing to see which one(s) get the most clicks. The more clicks you get, the higher up Google will move you. So if the #2 spot only has a 5% Click-through-rate (CTR), and your site is ranking at #5, but you get your CTR up to 10 – 12% by writing an enticing description and title, you could very easily bump up in ranking. Google will see that your content is more relevant than others because of the number of clicks your listing is getting and reward you for it!

So instead of leaving your title and description up to chance, we suggest going in and manually creating a very powerful, benefit-driven site description. One that will excite them, is up-to-date, and offers a clear and compelling reason for your audience to click.

Here’s what we changed for Glass.net’s description:


Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Quotes in 10 Seconds – Glass.net

Get 3 local online windshield replacement & auto glass repair quotes instantly. Glass.net offers free mobile service from windshield professionals

AFTER (winner):

Local Windshield Replacement Quotes: Best Prices 2015

Instantly compare local windshield replacement & auto glass repair quotes online. Save time, money and enjoy free on-site service from local professionals.


200% increase in click-throughs (meaning they TRIPLED the number of people who clicked on their Google result, without spending a SINGLE CENT MORE.)


What we did and why: The Power of Relevance in a Distracted Society

  • Our own research as well as independent studies have shown that by adding the word “local”, you can often increase conversions by as much as 20% or more.
  • We added “2015” to the title because there are now millions of outdated pages and sites online right now. Times change so fast that searchers and customers are always looking for the most relevant, up-to-date and even cutting edge results to satisfy their queries. By adding the current year, we are able to draw their attention away from other listings because we appear to be the most customized and current option right from the start.
  • We moved “Instantly” to the beginning of the description so that customers knew right away they would get instant gratification with Glass.net’s quote comparison tool.
  • “Free mobile service” can easily be misunderstood as a cellular service rather than a service where your local glass installer will come to your home or office to replace your windshield. We needed to make this more clear, so we stated it as “enjoy free on-site service from local professionals” so that there would be no misunderstandings by either their customers or Google itself.

By using these principles above, we were able to double the amount of people that clicked on our client’s listing – without them having to spend a single extra penny on advertising!

Now this is a combination of SEO and conversion, but it’s a perfect example of how a simple small change can bring a huge result. And it’s something you can easily and quickly test right now to see immediate results.

So what other conversion aspects can you test ON your website?

Here are 10 quick and easy “Conversion 101” starters to get you thinking…now this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it guaranteed to work for everyone in every industry (thus the “testing” part of “conversion testing and optimizing”):

1.) Add credibility symbols and/or testimonials in key places (above the fold, beneath or on the header, beneath or beside your call to action button). For symbols, this could be your SSL certificate, shopping cart/credit card processor logo, Better Business Bureau or associations you are affiliated with, partners and vendors, clients you worth with, online and offline places you’ve been seen or published in, etc. Basically use 3rd party credentials to brag about yourself and show you have authority and integrity by association.

2.) Add a privacy policy statement beneath your call to action or your checkout button. Also test a shorter/longer version. And never use the word “spam” in it as it denotes negativity.

3.) Pop up, slide up, or pop under box to gather optins.

4.) Change your headline to something specific (exact number, time, result, etc) that gives immediate benefit as well as creating desire/intrigue

5.) Try a different bright color on your call to action button (orange, yellow, green, blue, and red are all great options to test).

6.) Test different statements on your call to action button text by incorporating a combination of the following words:

      • my or your
      • get
      • instant
      • today or now
      • free or no-obligation

and avoid words that insinuate work or commitment is involved, such as “request”, “claim”, “submit”, “buy”, etc

7.) Do your landing page headlines match your ad headline so there’s consistency? What about your website headline? Is it immediately clear in the first sentence what your site is about, what your visitor can expect, what question they will have answered and what is in it for them? If not, they will leave and never come back!

8.) Move things around on your page. If it’s in the left column, try swapping to the right. If it’s on top, try moving to the side or bottom. This goes for text, video and images! Also try one column vs two column or three column layouts. Should you have an option or checkout button in multiple places on your site, and if so, where and how many?

9.) Shorten and simplify the forms to fill out on your site (optins, shopping cart, contact form, etc) – use as few fields as possible, condense it and make it as easy and simple as possible.

10.) If you have a slider or carousel on your header, try removing it. Only 1% of visitors ever click on rotating sliders, and they can be a pain in the butt for mobile users and when sending clickers from ads to your site. It also takes up valuable real estate that could be better used for more important content. Try a video there, or just straight content or intriguing static image.

These are just a few tips and tricks you can try today. They are mostly meant to get you thinking and change the way you look and see your site. What can you do differently or change to make it better, cleaner, clearer, easier, more beneficial, faster, more exciting or desirable to your visitors?

Start with one thing, test for a week or more till you get some good feedback, and the try something else. You never know what might work, and sometimes a simple change can literally change your business for the better – by leaps and bounds!

So get to testing right now!

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