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Setting-Up Google Social Network: Be the Modern Day George Jefferson

  • In this post, I will walk you through the exact steps to setting up and starting to use the Google Social Network to grow your very own, highly interactive social community.

My two youngest children started Kindergarten and Pre-K last week.  It has been hell, as my youngest, a 3 year old boy, doesn’t want me to leave, or he wants to stay in his older sisters class.  Neither of these is a feasible option, but fortunately one of his teachers speaks English, and helped me this morning….

….I realized how important connections are in life, even with those we’ve just met, and have yet to build a relationship with.  Using the internet, especially Google’s new platforms, are similar to that.

Creating these connections will help you not just personally, but professionally, and sometimes who knows, maybe even mentally and emotionally as well.

These connections help you move on up in the world, like George Jefferson for instance,

…to that De-Luxe apartment in the skyyyyyy…. (yes, I like cheezy old 80’s sitcoms, Love Boat anyone?)

…or in Google’s case, quickly moving to the  “it” position in the realm of social networking .

Google has several aspects that helps you stay connected in a more functional way than other social networks.

The first way to make all these highly favorable connections is through creating a Google Profile Page, so let’s start there, shall we? (Say Yes, Mrs. Bennet”; since I sorta sounded like her just there)

Step 1: Sign In to Google

So you go to Google.com  Look at the very top right-hand corner, see where it says ‘Sign In’, well click that (see picture below):

Google Main Page

Setting up your Google Account Step 1

So, once you click on that, it will bring you to the ‘Login’ page (see below), and if you don’t have a Google Account, then this is the place to start creating one, like so:

Google Profile Setup, step 1-a

Google Account Setup

Once you click that ‘Create an account now’ link, it will take you to a page where you enter all your information.  Once you enter your email address, etc. and click the button that creates the account, it will bring you to a “congrats” page, where it will tell you to check the inbox of the email address you registered with  to verify your account.

Step 2: Set-Up Your Google Profile Page

Once you get the email and click the link it will bring you to your Account Page, where everything is verified, and you can setup all your cool Google stuff, like Gmail, Buzz, Reader, Gtalk, etc., see:

You now have a Google Account

Google Account Profile Page

I’ll show you mine (will you show me yours…)  See:

Now, it would be wise to set up a Gmail account, then once you do that, it will be your primary email address for your Google account.  Choose your handle wisely, I would use your real name, as it will be connected to everything you do on Google, like your friend connect, and blogs, reader, buzz, etc., etc.

Besides, it’s become a bit passé to use a handle like “hotmamma78@gmail.com” – okay, now I seriously don’t think I’m a ‘hot momma’, I do however think of myself as big ole hot mess (enter Madea), most days!

So once you’ve got your Google account and Gmail account set up, you are “READY TO RUMBLE”!!!!  Where’s the Hulkster when ya need him?

Step 3: Get Connected with Google Friend Connect

So Google has this widget called ‘Google Friend Connect’, it’s a widget you can find on blogs that you read.  So when you find a blog that you like, and want to connect to, all you have to do is click the “Connect” button on that blog’s widget if they have the Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget on their page like I do, cause, yeah, I’m super cool like that!

Here is what the widget looks like:

Google Friend Connect Widget

Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic, I only have 15 followers – don’t laugh at me, unless you wanna make me cry!  Seriously though, the GFC makes life SOOO much easier when you are following blogs or RSS feeds.

Also when you connect the Buzz on your Gmail account, you will see what your friends are ‘buzzing’ about in the virtual world.  Its a great way to find new reads, reviews, recipes, etc.

The great thing about using Google as a social network is that everyone is using their real names, unless they are like 13 and all EMO (what exactly is that anyway, aren’t they just ‘Goth’?)  So when you connect with someone, you are automatically added to their contacts list in their email, and visa verse….

…you see what they are reading, following, etc., and they will see all your activity too.  The people using Google are adults, they trust you with their email address, they trust that you aren’t going to spam them with stupid jokes, or porn links, etc. Doing that by the way (porn links) will get your butt booted from Google!!!

Google is a bit weird to navigate through, but they are making headway and progress in that area to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly, which is why Google is moving up quite a bit in the Social Networking world.

So go ahead create that Google account, and start making some connections that you will probably keep for a very long time, if not your entire life.  With Google, you move into the world of Social Networking adulthood.  Sure you can still have your adolescent moments using other platforms like Tweeter, MySpace, etc.

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