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From Mediocrity to Greatness: Belief

Power of Beliefs

Great men and women are fueled by a "Burning Vision & Unshakable Belief" in themselves

What makes the difference between Mediocrity and Greatness?

If there is a single defining trait, one rare aspect about a man or a woman that is a sure sign of, what appears to outsiders, to be almost predestined success on a grand scale…

What would it be?

This is a question that can never be fully answered; but success leaves clues.

Men and women who rise from the sludge of “Status Quoe” and climb the treacherous cliffs to Mt Olympus, where the gods of creation lay in wait for the few willing to pay the price, all have at least one common trait: Belief

Belief in themselves and their ability to do the impossible.

Successful entrepreneurs believe so fully and completely in themselves and in their missions that they are forever undaunted, indefatigable and are so totally focused and driven by purpose and intent that nothing stands in their way.

Nothing…and no one.

In the inner theater of their minds, the dreams and visions that keep them burning with inspiration and drive are so vivid, so fleshed out in full sensory details…that they are already a reality.

Their dreams are not day dreams…hazy hopes or anemic “Maybe one day I will make it…”

No, to these men and women…it’s only a matter of time before their Inner Reality takes shape and solidity in their Outer Reality; the world of solidity and texture.

This fire pushes them always forward…dreams and inspiration

This fire keeps them warm when the icy fingers of self-doubt try to creep in…

This fire lights the way for them, in a world filled with darkened hopes and forsaken dreams.

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  1. Joe says:

    hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always enjoy browsing your site.

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  2. Raymundo says:

    greatest read I read all year!?


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  3. Angie says:

    I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

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  4. Poi says:

    Fantastic and insightful! Bravo Damien!!

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  5. Rosa says:

    Very inspiration Damien thank you VERY VERY much

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  6. Micah Bloom says:

    Great read! You should definitely follow up to this topic with more about Facebook marketing

    -Kindest regards,

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