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Organic Link Building: Build Your Presence the All-Natural, No Preservatives Way

Tweet I’m sitting here listening to pounding beats of Goldfrapp’s “Crystalline Green”, and thinking about link building.  There are tons of  ways to build your presence on the Internet, but link building being the most dominant and frankly, one of the most important.  But doing it the organic way is highly underrated. We love organic, […]

Setting-Up Google Social Network: Be the Modern Day George Jefferson

Tweet In this post, I will walk you through the exact steps to setting up and starting to use the Google Social Network to grow your very own, highly interactive social community. My two youngest children started Kindergarten and Pre-K last week.  It has been hell, as my youngest, a 3 year old boy, doesn’t want […]

Web 2.0: The Newbies Guide to Social Media

Tweet Web 2.0 Up Close and Personal Imagine a popularity contest that stretches across the globe, socializing without boundaries, unlimited treasure troves of information, and a place where every second – unlikely individuals become kings and queens of their own domains. Thanks to the wave of Web 2.0 capabilities, the Internet has evolved into an […]