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The Million-Dollar Shiver – Using Simple Body Sensations to Predict the Success or Failure of a Business

The Secret of the Million-Dollar Shiver!

How I Use Simple Body Sensations to
Predict the Success or Failure of a Business


With the right idea put into action, even King Midas would beg for a loan

Where do Million Dollar ideas come from?

Have you ever wondered why some business ideas seem to ignite and take off like a poodle on meth…

While other business ideas start out still-born, dead before they even have a chance?

Not all ideas are created equal…choose to run with the wrong idea and you are dead in the water.

Run with the right idea, and King Midas himself will be coming to you for a loan.



Meet the Genie in the Lamp

Your unconscious mind (the part that comes up with new ideas) communicates with you, in large part, through actual physical sensations.

Ever get goosebumps from a person, place or idea?

Ever walk into a room and feel goosebumps race down your spine? Your unconscious didn’t like something and was telling you to hit the road.

Ever met someone and suddenly, like me, feel the rapport and connection as perhaps a warm sensation in your stomach or chest? Your unconscious was in essence saying, “This person is similar in nature to us. Let’s get to know them better, shall we?”

The better you become at interpreting and understanding the messages your unconscious mind is sending you all of the time, the greater you will become at knowing what is an “Inspired Idea” versus a Mediocre Idea.


Talking to the Genie in the Lamp

Brilliant ideas are like genies in lamps - rare

Everybody’s had a bad idea once or twice. And often that idea sounded GREAT in your head, but when it came to execution or results, it fell flat…perhaps even caused a disaster of epic proportions.

What about the truly brilliant and inspired ideas? They seem much more rare, don’t they? Like maybe you only get one in your lifetime, two if you’re lucky, and if you miss them…well, you’re just up a creek without a paddle…

…Like the time my dad had the idea to make a portable bathroom that didn’t require plumbing, for people who needed ‘to go on the run’. But he didn’t know the signs of an inspired idea, and he let it go without acting on it. A few months later, someone else came out with the first Port-O-Potty, and the time to cash in on that brilliant inspiration had passed.

Can you tell the difference between an Inspired Idea and a Bad Idea?

Has this happened to you, too?

Someone else knew the signs and sensations of a Million Dollar Idea and hit the ground running. Someone else made my dad’s million.

If only he had known…

One can bring you a world of hurt and regret, while the other can bring you more success and fulfillment than you could ever dream of.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell the difference?



You Already Know How…

You can. And actually, you already know how…you’re just probably not aware that you know.

But not anymore. Consider this your Wake Up Call – one of the most important ones you’ll ever get.


So here’s how to know:

What emotions did you feel?


  • Start by thinking back to when you had a really bad idea that didn’t work out. Now go to the moment when the idea first popped into your head. Do you recall any specific body sensations that you felt at that time? Any emotions that were showing up? What was your confidence level in the idea? Write down everything you felt, including how you felt and where you felt it, and what was going through your mind at the time.


  • Now do the same thing for a time when you had a truly inspired idea that was pure gold. What sensations did you feel in your body when that idea hit you? Where did you feel them? What were they like? Was anything going through your head at that moment? How sure were you that it would work? How did you know and why? Write down everything you can remember and think of – every little detail, from goosebumps to ice in your veins. Everything is important!


  • When you do this, make the distinction between the two situations as clear as possible. You should be able to clearly articulate the feeling you had when you intuitively knew NOT to do something yet did it anyway, and the feeling of sheer knowingness and inspiration you felt when you KNEW you had the idea of the century; to tell the difference between hopeful self-created hype and deep utter surety you can feel at your core.


It may be different for each person…



Almost a Million Dollars Its First Year

For me, like when I had the idea to start a new online business that ended up making almost a million dollars its first year years (we made $70k in just one month), it all started with instant goosebumps and a delicious shiver that ran from the base of my spine to the top of my head. Then, it was like i saw it playing out – the end result – in my head, like a silent movie. I felt a sense of calm knowingness and peace deep in my soul and I just knew.

Ideas come in groups - the first one to take action, wins

How is it for you? How will you know your next Million Dollar Idea?

Whatever your signs and markers are, the most important thing to do is ACT.

Brilliant ideas are often given to multiple people around the world at the same time, and it’s the first person to act on it that wins the gold.

Question is, will you be ready when that Million Dollar Idea hits?

Will you recognize it and take swift, inspired action?

I hope so. You deserve the chance to experience the level of success other millionaires and billionaires enjoy.

Your time is now – don’t miss it.

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