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Why Ignorant People Make More Money – Breaking the Curse of the Tinkerer

Why Ignorant People Make More Money

“Breaking the Curse of the Tinkerer”

Curse of the Tinkerer

Ever since I was a little boy watching my Dad and my Godfather working hard to build their respective empires, I’ve always wanted to have a successful business of my own.

So, following my passion for business and spiritual growth, in my late teens I started researching what makes a successful business and began to study the great achievers of the past and present, and what makes them tick.

How did they grow their businesses to such an enormous success? What was their secret?

A good entrepreneur should know everything about everything, right?

I thought I knew…

Knowledge, of course.

They must know everything about everything. They must be in complete control of every aspect of their business and have a personal hand in carrying out every function and detail, right? I mean, this would only make sense.

But what I found actually shocked me…even confused me, at first. How could this be?



I Was Shocked to See…

What I learned about their secret shocked me!

I was shocked to see people who, in my opinion, knew maybe 1/10th of what I knew, make hundreds of times more money that I did.

Turns out that their secret to wild success wasn’t knowing everything about everything and doing it all themselves.

It was quite the opposite!

The greatest and most successful entrepreneurs and business owners had a secret that many know of, but very few ever fully put into practice. And that’s where the mistake lies.

That’s where I made my mistakes early on, too.

I spent all my 20’s trying to master everything there was to master regarding growing businesses. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on courses, seminars and books on every aspect – building and marketing a website, SEO and social media, advertising, bookkeeping, getting and handling affiliates and JVs, generating leads, sales copywriting, product creation and production, content writing, traffic generation, networking…even human psychology. You name it, I studied it.


Learning Rather Than Doing…

Hours and hours of my day were spent studying and learning, rather than actually growing.

I knew so much, yet my success always seemed to be hobbled. I could reach a certain level; a comfortable plateau, but never quite break through to experience real success like the top moguls.

Until I realized something important…I was only one man.

One man with dedication and success, but still just one man. I tried to do it all myself – save money and be more ‘in control’ of things. But I could never break through.


$500,000 in One Year…

This secret can make even a lawn care business highly successful

Yet I watched as my Godfather, fresh out of jail (after a 7 year sentence) build his lawn service from literally nothing to a half a million dollar business is one year. I knew the secret of the Business Gods was true.

Finally one day it just clicked. I was under a curse…the same curse binding the success potential of 9 out of every 10 entrepreneurs…the “Curse of the Tinkerer”.

Inexperienced Entrepreneurs have the nasty, success-choking habit of “I’ll save money by learning to do it myself”…


Guaranteed failure – don’t do this…

“I’ll save money by doing it myself!”

This idea is an illusion and a nasty, dream-crushing one, at that.

How-To Courses aren't always the best way to save time & money

The problem is, once this decision has been made, the future is practically guaranteed…a mad spending spree of How-To information begins, and the plummet of the business speeds up.

The Tinkerer convinces themselves that they are saving money by purchasing all the SEO, Networking, Traffic Generating, Social Media Secrets courses and learning the secrets of the Gurus and doing these jobs themselves.

But you and I both know what this actually leads to…just a wasting of PRECIOUS & LIMITED operating capital, an overloaded brain (That’s IF the information is even studied) and a sudden screeching halt of the growth of the business because all of your energy, attention, and money is scattered in a million different directions and you only end up spreading yourself and your resources far too thin.


Success doesn’t come by osmosis…

Businesses grow from the application of success-producing information. And I hate to break it to you, but OWNING the information produces nothing.

Success does not come by osmosis (that would be far too easy, right?!)

Real, successful Entrepreneurs have mastered the ability of hiring people skilled in the jobs they need done; the thousands and thousands of dollars spent on Product Launches and info courses is better spent on hiring a bright, trained individual or compant to do those tasks for you, leaving you free to focus on the fun part of your business – the part you love to do; the part you’re best at.

Sure, there are stories of people who “Did it themselves”, but come on…do you really want to spend all your time learning and implementing the latest Youtube traffic-boosting philosophies, JV proposal letter templates and Twitter secrets…or do you just want to bank the money and savor the fruits of a lasting, profitable business?


Sure, it costs money, but…

Sometimes you need a team to make your life easier

See, my Godfather was smart – he knew he couldn’t do it alone. Sure, hiring people costs money upfront. It takes time and effort. But if he wanted to get the big contracts and rake in the dough, he would have to think BIG.

So he did. He went out and found 3 of the most responsible, qualified and experienced men to join his team so that he could handle what he was best at – the business aspect – and let them do what they were best at (the grunt work).

The result?

Within 12 months he had over $500,000 in billable contracts – and this was in the Deep South, where everybody and his cousin has a lawn service.

My Godfather knew the secret.

I know the secret.

And now you know the secret, too.


Hire highly qualified people…

In order to grow your business and reach the level of success you dreamed of when you first started out, you need to surround yourself with highly qualified team members that can take the hassle and responsibility of those difficult and time-consuming aspects off your shoulders. You need to be free to focus on the important things; if not, you’ll just drown in all the details.

Your job is to reach for the stars - let others do the hard work for you!

Because if you try to control all the details of your business, in all areas, you’ll only end up murdering it.

Your job is to hold the vision and guide your business and it’s place in your market (In other words, the visionary Big Picture aspects)…not ‘tinker’ for hours a day with the latest link building algorithms, content creation for your site and Product Launch 7 step sequences; leave that to people who genuinely love those things and who are good at it, making it their business to learn every tip and secret; stay on top of the rapid changes that occur nearly every day and who make it their priority to predict the upcoming changes and plan accordingly.

Leave the hard work to someone else.

Spend your time loving what you do. Finding the passion in your business again.

After all, it’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart.


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