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Why Write Your Memoir?

This is a guest post from one of our senior editors, Cindy T. –


I’m a grandmother now, my parents having long ago left this life. With my brother gone too, I’m left alone with memories of growing up, of my life with my family. Long gone are the stories my dad used to tell of his days in the army during WWII. Gone also are the stories of how he and my mom met, fell in love and began a family. I wish all the time, deep in my heart, that I would have encouraged them to write all those memories down. I know my own grandchildren love for me to tell them about their mom or dad growing up and what life was like for me before computers and cell phones (they can’t fathom it). They may not really care while they are young, but when they have children of their own, they will some day – suddenly – want to know. And what if, like in my situation, all those memories are gone, with no one left to tell them? What then?

Many years ago, stories were told around the fireplace and they were carried down from generation to generation. Nowadays, the young ones are way too busy. But someday, someday they will turn to ask you, “What was it like…?” Maybe you won’t be there to answer.

Writing down your memoirs is not hard. You can make it professional, fancy, or just hand writing it in a tablet if you prefer. Or have your granddaughter hold a tape recorder in front of you and drag it out of you. How you do it is not important. It is the passing on of your history and your parents’ history, as well as those first years with your young family. With each new child we faithfully filled out their Baby Book, then we put it away on a back shelf and forget to record the rest of their life (or you can use a proven Book Writing Service).

I remember before my father died, he told my granddaughter the story of how he and mom met. When she told me, after his death, I was at once amazed and saddened to know I never heard that story.

Writers of memoirs are the custodian of their family’s history. You can write about your younger years from your prospective of advancing age now or you can write about how life was those 40, 50, 60 years ago. It deserves to be recorded; it never has to be published. It can be just for the family, or it can be shared with the world to help others as they struggle with their trials in their lives. I believe that the family needs to know not only the victories, but also the tragedies. How did their grandparents and parents and those generations before survive the dust bowl, the 1930’s economic crash, the 2 world wars. How did they get to America? What is their story?

I found out, after the death of my father, that he was part Native American. How I would have loved to have known that story! But it is now forever lost. Our days are uncertain, our time here not guaranteed. Take the time now while you can, to write down or record in your own voice, all those precious memories that you have hidden in your heart and in your head. Do it now before the chance to pass on this powerful and personal history is gone. Do it for your grandchildren and their children. They deserve to know their history and their heritage. And no one can tell it but you. Don’t let your memories die with you. One of the saddest thoughts I have is, “I wish I would have asked my mom that”. Now I will never know. I think we owe that much to our children and grandchildren. There will come a day when they will murmur that very same sentence. So answer them now while you can. Leave your legacy so it can be their legacy now, too.

Your voice and your words, years after you have passed, is a wonderful gift to your loved ones. However you decide to do it, just do it. Do it now before age and disease take it away from you. That is a gift only you can give. A one of a kind gift, from a one of a kind life, lived out in all its triumphs and glories and all its fears and failures. All the beautiful summer days and all the cold harsh winds of winter.

It’s YOUR story. It deserves to be told.

And if you aren’t sure if you can write it yourself – if you have the time, energy or right words to get it all out in the best way possible – then you can always let us do it for you. At Eliseon, we do all the hard work for you and all you need to do is talk. We can take your heartfelt emotions, your bittersweet memories and all the experiences you have had, and turn them into the memoir of a life so unique and precious that the world deserves to know about it. And if the world is not your audience, then at least your namesakes – your family for generations to come – can know their past and you can help shape their futures with your knowledge, love and wisdom.

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Don’t let your past – their past – be lost forever.


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